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Roof Inspection 101: What To Expect

2021’s hurricane season was a record-breaker with 12 named storms including Eta which made landfall twice in November in South Florida. It’s time for your roof to be inspected. This will ensure that there was no damage to your roof during this unusual hurricane season.

All Star Roof Repair recommends homeowners have their roofs inspected at least once a calendar year, even if they live in a low-risk area. Most homeowners won’t consider their roofs until there are problems or severe weather. Then they worry about the potential damage. It is a good idea to inspect your roof before major storms hit. It could cost you a lot to fix roof problems such as missing flashing around skylights or rotting from moisture and humidity under your shingles.

Storms in southwest Florida can cause damage by bringing heavy rain and high winds to existing problems. It is easier to fix a roofing problem in good weather if you notice it sooner.

What Are Roof Inspectors Looking For?

All Star Roof Repair will arrange a time for you to have your roof inspected. We inspect your roof for any missing or damaged roofing material, flashing damage, mold or mildew, and blisters. We inspect your interior, particularly the attic. A professional should inspect your roof. Roof damage can be easily seen from the ground like missing or damaged tiles or shingles. However, professionals who are familiar with what they are looking at will see other issues.

Structural Problems

An inspector will first look for structural problems like uneven surfaces and obvious sagging. It is possible that water has penetrated your tiles and shingles, causing damage to the plywood underneath. This problem can lead to problems inside your home if it is not addressed quickly. Water can enter your attic and cause damage to insulation and ceilings. Roof inspectors will also inspect your chimneys and skylights to ensure that the flashing is in place and that the chimney’s masonry isn’t deteriorating. Inspectors will inspect your roof for signs of inadequate roof ventilation. If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, excessive heat and moisture can cause condensation buildup and mold growth. This can adversely affect the lifespan of your roofing materials.

Roof Materials

After a storm, it is crucial to inspect your roof for any missing or damaged tiles or shingles. They begin to curl or buckle at the end of their lives. Inspectors will inspect your roof and check your gutters for any granules. This is a sign that your shingles may be deteriorating. Roof tiles and shingles can be damaged by high winds, so inspectors will inspect for missing roofing material or nails. To ensure that they are not leaking, inspectors will also inspect the waterproof seals around skylights and vents.

Interior inspection

After inspecting the roof, our inspectors will go inside to look for any holes. This is caused by light entering your attic, damaged insulation, and water stains. Water stains, bubbling paint on walls, and ceilings that could be caused by water from your roof are also examined. These problems should be caught early to avoid becoming a serious problems. You, as the homeowner, can inspect your attic regularly to ensure everything is in order. Also, keep an eye for any signs of potential leaks.

After our inspection is complete, we will let you know the results. We work with you to develop a plan to fix any problems that are discovered. This could be replacing some missing or damaged tiles, or shingles, or a complete tear-off and roof replacement. Before we install your roof, we ensure that the roofing material is waterproofed properly and that there are no structural problems.

This post was written by a roofing specialist At All-Star Roofing. We offer the best roof repair in Tampa Bay FL. We are a family-owned and operated Clearwater roofing business, and we strive to be the best in our industry. Our family has been in the Tampa Bay area for over 60 years, and our objective has always been to provide roofing services at a fast, reliable, and competitive rate. All-Star has a tradition of quality workmanship, servicing residential and commercial properties.


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