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Should You Have Your AC Cleaned?

Your AC system, like any other piece of machinery, requires routine maintenance. This is critical for several reasons. For starters, regular air-conditioner cleaning can help you save money on energy. This is because cleaning keeps your AC system in good working order, ensuring efficient operation.

According to a Department of Energy study, replacing a dirty AC filter with a clean one can save energy. Regular AC system maintenance can save you money on your annual utility bills. Regular maintenance can also help to avoid costly repairs that are often the result of carelessness. The important question is how frequently you should have your air conditioner cleaned. This is determined by several factors, which are discussed further below.

How Often Does My AC Need Cleaning?

A professional should inspect your AC system once a year as a general rule. A yearly inspection ensures that the AC components are in good working order and that any repairs are completed on time. However, if your AC is subjected to a heavier load, it may necessitate more frequent maintenance. For example, an air conditioner that typically conditions clean air requires less maintenance. Another air conditioner that is exposed to smoke, heavy fumes, or dust regularly may require more frequent maintenance.

Replacing or cleaning your air filters is one of the essential maintenance tasks for your air conditioner. When air filters are dirty or clogged, the air in your home cannot flow properly. A dirty air filter may also cause your evaporator coils to freeze, causing ice to build up inside your AC unit and further reducing its performance.

Why Is Taking Care of Your AC So Important?

The advantages of taking good care of your air conditioner are enormous. As any property owner knows, the cost of owning and operating equipment such as an air conditioner can quickly add up. There are ongoing costs for electricity, Freon, and repairs in addition to the initial purchase price. However, taking good care of your air conditioner can help to reduce these costs and extend the unit’s lifespan.

  • Technicians will test how well the AC cools. This is an excellent time for a trained technician to check your home’s cooling system for any problems and make changes so it works better for you and your family. There’s no reason to be unhappy with your air conditioner’s performance.
  • If your air conditioner is allowed to deteriorate without being checked or cleaned, it will not live up to its estimated lifespan. Most AC units last about 10 to 15 years, but without regular maintenance, you will notice breakdowns or even total system failure.
  • Cleaning your air conditioner also ensures the filtration system is in good working order, especially if you have family members with acute respiratory conditions. A regular check of the type of filters you use and how often you replace them will help ensure that you have good air quality.

When to Replace Your Old AC Unit

A new air conditioner does not have to be an unexpected expense. You can predict when it’s time to replace your air conditioner by paying attention to its performance and having routine maintenance and cleaning. If you believe your air conditioner is nearing the end of its useful life and need a new AC installation in Montgomery, AL, call Chad’s AC Direct today!

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