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Supplying Building Materials to Houston – The Detering Company Building Materials Celebrates 100 Years in Business

Houston’s construction industry thrives on reliable building materials, and understanding the best sources and practices for obtaining these materials is crucial. The success of construction projects largely depends on the quality of the materials used. This article explores the history, types, benefits, and challenges of building materials in Houston, providing a comprehensive guide for builders and homeowners alike.

History and Legacy

For nearly a century, Houston’s premier supplier of custom doors, mouldings, millwork, brick, stone, windows, and cabinets has maintained a commitment to excellence. This legacy continues as we prioritize providing top-tier materials for various construction projects. The evolution of building material suppliers in Houston reflects a deep commitment to quality and innovation, contributing significantly to the city’s growth and infrastructure.

Types of Building Materials in Houston

In Houston, common building materials include brick, steel, wood, and glass. Brick is popular for its aesthetic appeal and insulating properties. Steel is used for its strength and flexibility in design, while wood is chosen for its natural look and ease of use. Glass is increasingly used in modern constructions for its ability to allow natural light while providing insulation.

Each material has unique properties that make it suitable for specific construction needs. For example, brick and wood are excellent for their resilience and insulating capabilities, making them ideal for Houston’s climate.

Climate Considerations

Houston’s hot, humid climate and susceptibility to hurricanes influence the choice of building materials. Materials must withstand high temperatures, moisture, and strong winds. For example, brick is preferred for its durability and resistance to heat and moisture. Roofing materials are often selected based on their ability to withstand hurricane-force winds, with metal and tile roofs being common choices.

Benefits of Locally Sourced Materials

Using locally sourced building materials in Houston offers several benefits. It supports the local economy and reduces transportation costs and environmental impact. Local materials are often better suited to the regional climate and conditions, ensuring greater durability and performance. Additionally, sourcing locally can expedite project timelines by reducing delays associated with long-distance shipping.

Role of Building Material Suppliers

Building material suppliers in Houston are crucial for the construction industry. They provide essential materials needed for various projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings. Suppliers offer a range of products, from basic construction materials to custom-designed elements. They also provide expertise and advice on the best materials for specific projects, helping builders achieve high-quality results.

Sustainable Building Materials

The demand for sustainable building materials in Houston has increased significantly in recent years. Builders and homeowners are increasingly seeking eco-friendly options to reduce their environmental footprint. Sustainable materials such as recycled steel, bamboo, and reclaimed wood are becoming popular. Additionally, there is a growing interest in energy-efficient building practices and materials that improve insulation and reduce energy consumption.

Challenges Faced by Suppliers

Building material suppliers in Houston face several challenges, including supply chain disruptions, fluctuating material costs, and competition. Weather-related issues such as hurricanes can impact the availability and delivery of materials. Suppliers must also navigate changing regulations and standards related to building materials. Additionally, the push for sustainable materials requires continuous adaptation and innovation to meet evolving market demands.

Custom Craftsmanship and Services

Our team of five craftsmen, with over 123 years of combined experience, creates custom pieces that enhance any home design. Whether you need statement front doors or custom windows, our products are designed to elevate your construction or remodel project. On-site evaluations help prevent costly mistakes, and same-day delivery service ensures timely project completion.


In Houston, sourcing high-quality building materials is crucial for successful construction and remodeling projects. Our long-standing commitment to excellence, local expertise, and comprehensive service make us a trusted partner in the Houston construction industry. Whether you need custom doors, mouldings, or windows, you can rely on us for all your building material needs.

For more information on obtaining quality Houston building materials, including lumber, concrete, and custom millwork, as well as expert advice on selecting the best products for your specific project needs, visit our website.

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