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The Advantages of Living in a Small House Should Not Be Over-Hyped

The tiny house craze has exploded in the United States in recent years. Unsurprisingly, more people downsize and adopt simpler lifestyles when HGTV shows like “Small Home Hunters” and “Tiny House, Big Life” air. Living in a tiny house has its drawbacks, even though it is the ideal answer to certain people’s problems. Let’s look at some of the other alternatives, including ADUs, a relatively new trend.

They’re More Expensive Than You Expected

One of the most popular misconceptions about micro homes is that they are cheap to build and buy. These can be costly, especially if you want all of the conveniences in your small house (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?). A professional-built modest home will cost between $30,000 and $60,000. What if you want to design and build your own mini-house from the ground up? Depending on the components you select, your investment might vary between $10,000 and $30,000.

They May Be Required to Follow Building Codes

Little houses are permitted in some areas of the United States, and entire communities are built out of them. Yet, some local building codes ban the construction of such small structures. If you want to develop even a little house on your property, you risk getting fined or having to demolish what you’ve already built. Do your research before diving into small-space life. To save time and money on legal fees, find out if living in a small place is even allowed in your location.

There Is Little Space for Personal Items or Guests

If you’re used to living in a regular-sized house, you’ll have to adjust to the need for extra storage space for your belongings or visitors when moving into a tiny house. It’s fantastic to get rid of unnecessary items and simplify your life by limiting yourself to the necessities, but what about when visitors arrive? Unless you have space-saving furniture such as a Murphy bed or another type, you will almost certainly have to sleep in uncomfortably close proximity to one another.

While the benefits of adding auxiliary housing units to their homes are apparent, a growing number of California families are considering doing so rather than buying smaller houses.

The Cost of Living in California Is Steadily Rising

The rising cost of living is a major factor affecting people’s need for additional housing units. Because housing costs are rising at an unprecedented rate, many individuals realize that they can no longer afford to buy a basic home. ADUs are a less expensive option for homeowners who desire their own space and may be eligible for tax incentives.

ADUs Provide More Flexibility

ADUs are favored over small flats because they provide more independence. Renting out a portion or all of the space in an ADU might help you repay your building costs. It can also function as a guesthouse or be rented to others. Microhouse interiors, on the other hand, are only sometimes large enough to allow for the creation of different rooms or the use of the home for purposes other than habitation.

There Are Fewer Restrictions on ADUs

ADUs are preferable over tiny residences because they have fewer restrictions. Tiny houses are frequently modest in size, making it difficult to find one that meets your requirements. They are also commonly found in rural places with few recreational possibilities. ADUs, on the other hand, can be built anywhere, including right next to your primary residence!

ADUs in Sunnyvale, CA, are great for homeowners who need extra living space for an elderly parent or child, a rental unit to generate money or more space for their family. Unlike traditional residences, which may not be flexible to changing living conditions over time, these adaptable apartments may be configured in a number of ways to meet your requirements. Because they are self-contained, you may place them wherever they will be most beneficial to you in your garden. As a result, if you need more space in your home but want to keep your home and lifestyle the same, additional housing units are the best alternative to explore.

Safety Is Necessary

ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as a way for homeowners to increase living space in their existing homes. ADUs are not to be confused with tiny houses, which can be claustrophobic owing to their small size. Instead, they are provided ample space and solitude. They often have their own entrances, allowing residents to come and go without disturbing the main home or its occupants. Because they are usually built on property that you already own, ADUs have the same safety features as traditional houses. The bulk of them is equipped with contemporary amenities like electricity, running water, and energy-efficient heating systems. Furthermore, the vast majority of ADUs are built in accordance with local building code standards for fire safety and structural strength. Taking everything into consideration, it is evident that ADUs are a safer option for persons seeking more space in their lives than cramped flats.

Experienced ADU Developers in California

When it comes to building an ADU, Acton ADU is the ideal organization to work with. We are specialists that can design and manufacture high-quality ADUs depending on your specifications. Moreover, the city of San Jose has granted us permission to use the plans in our collection. You can be certain that your ADU will meet all of the standards outlined above. Furthermore, we oversee projects from start to finish, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the process knowing that everything is in excellent hands. Visit right now to contact us and learn more about how we can help you create an ADU.

A Few Final Thoughts

While little houses appear on television, they are laden with obstacles and possible perils. Before converting to compact living, several concerns must be addressed, including the high costs involved, problems with local construction standards, and the need for extra room for both items and visitors. Before making a selection, thoroughly research all of your options; you may discover that a larger house, or even an ADU, is a better fit for your needs. Acton ADU is here to assist!

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