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The Best Amenities That Apartments Should Include

When you search for an apartment, you want to ensure that your investment into it is worth it. You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a little living area with no extra assets, do you? Thankfully, more and more apartment complex owners understand this and offer perks to their renters. As you read, you will be able to take a look into some of the finest assets offered by places such as Bell & Palmer.

Garage and Storage

Most people drive a car or own a bike. Those themselves are investments that you have made and are important for you to get around your neighborhood. Due to this, you must have a designated area to keep them protected. When you are looking for an apartment, you will want to make sure they have some sort of parking lot available to you so that you don’t have to walk too far to look for your transportation.

Bell & Palmer offer both to its renters. Bike storage is free, while the garage fee is only $150. If you don’t drive or don’t own a bike, there are still bus lines available at the building for you to utilize.

Cooling Units

Being able to stay cool down in the heat can be a hassle. Air conditioners can be a hassle to set up and might not always provide you with the needs you are looking for. Plus, they can increase your electricity bill. However, apartment buildings like Bell & Palmer offer central air conditioning, meaning you will get to relax in your space without an extra charge!


Being able to have clean clothes is also a pretty important factor to keep in consideration. Not every apartment complex offers laundry areas, meaning their renters have to drive to a nearby laundromat. This not only costs them extra, but it also means precious time is used waiting around for them to wash and dry.

The apartments at Bell & Palmer contain washers and dryers within the unit, meaning that our renters are able to put their clothes in and leave without fearing that the items will be removed or stolen by other tenants. Vented and ventless options are both available.


An elevator can be super important in apartment buildings with many floors. When moving furniture, you do not want to carry those heavy couches and chairs up different flights of stairs. Not having access to elevators can also be a problem if you use a wheelchair or have trouble walking. With three stories, Bell & Palmer’s building was created with this in mind and included easy access to elevators. You will never have to groan, able to lug even the minor bags of groceries up staircases again!

What Else to Expect From Bell and Palmer

Bell & Palmer are also pet friendly, along with all of the above amenities! We allow our tenants to have up to two pets per apartment, with a pet deposit of $500 for the first and an extra $150 for the second. Each pet will be $50 per month on the lease afterward.

Our tenants are also safe, as well have fire sprinklers are installed within the building, and access within the building is secured. We also have intercoms so that you always know who is coming up to your apartment. With so much available, you can believe that Bell & Palmer have the best apartments in Denver.

Right now, we have three types of apartments available:

  • Studio (462 sq. ft)
  • 1 Bed, 1 Bath (478 sq. ft)
  • 1 Bed, 1 Bath (582 sq. ft)

All of our apartments also come with a kitchen, living space, and closet areas. Make sure to contact us today to have a chance to look at our amazing apartments before they are gone!

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