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The Best Way To Set Up Construction Lighting

Within construction there are many different protocols, processes, and health and safety requirements to be aware of at all times, no matter the size, shape, and scope of a construction project. One area where this is very important is construction lighting.  For construction sites to be effective to work in and to provide the highest level of safety standards, it is important that they are well lit. This can be with a combination of artificial site lighting and natural light, or just with artificial lighting rigs and set-ups.

Many construction sites can easily be found to be under the minimum requirements for site lighting, putting contractors, employees, members of the public, and the project as a whole at risk. There are minimum requirements for site lighting because appropriate construction site lighting helps everyone on and around the site to stay safe, illuminating emergency exits, acting as a deterrent to potential criminals, and providing enough light for contractors to perform tasks safely and efficiently.

It is the legal responsibility of the company managing the site to install appropriate lighting for a construction site. This is set out under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974. Every construction site must provide natural light wherever it is practical to do so, offer suitable and sufficient lighting within every area of the site, and have access to emergency lighting that is up to a sufficient standard and meets suitability requirements for the tasks at hand, for the worst-case scenario.

To meet minimum requirements, every part of the site must be well-lit when in use. This can be either with natural light or artificial lighting. This means that wherever a person is working, they have enough light to conduct the work safely and efficiently. It also means that any persons on site can move around safely, aware of any potential dangers around them through illumination. For any work that is carried out after daylight hours, or where work takes place within a confined space, sufficient artificial lighting must be installed.All emergency exits (and usual exits) must be illuminated well, helping people to get off site in the case of an emergency. In terms of health and safety, lighting up key areas ensures that tasks are completed with safety in mind.

Working with a hire company that has a wide range of construction site lighting options and can offer professional advice to you, will help you put together the best lighting options for your site and project. Determining what you need to install to meet (and ideally exceed) the minimum requirements for site lighting to meet health and safety standards whilst ensuring standards of efficiency and productivity improve at the same time is vital to your needs. The best hire companies understand how to help you plan effectively and to cover all parts of the site, to help with the completion of tasks, to build-in enough natural light where possible, and to scare off potential intruders to the site when it is closed overnight.

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