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The Best Ways to Unclog Your Drains

Making sure your drains are clear is an important part of housekeeping. When your drains become frequently clogged, it can become not only a long-term issue but also a costly one. Also, if you don’t know who to call, hiring a professional to clear your drains can be quite costly. That’s why it’s critical to understand how to clean your drains properly and to have RiverView Mechanical on speed dial for particularly stubborn blockages to ensure you’re getting the best prices on estimates and jobs! Their plumbing in York, PA, has helped many customers, and they can help you as well!


There are several ways to clean your drains, and this may be the first one you try if you have a clog. This is due to the fact that using a plunger is the most common and easiest method. In a nutshell, a plunger generates a tremendous amount of suction and pressure, which breaks through and dislodges any blockages and clogs that have become lodged in the pipes. The popularity of plungers is most likely due to the ease with which they can be obtained in most stores and are the simplest way to remove a block in a quick fix.

A Mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another option for cleaning your drains is to combine baking soda and vinegar. Pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain. Allow a few hours for the mixture to settle before flushing it with hot water. This method is useful for dissolving minor drain obstructions, such as small food clogs in your kitchen sink. Even though vinegar has a strong odor, it is safer than drain cleaning chemicals purchased at a store because the ingredients are readily available in your pantry. While this method will not work for large blockages, it is useful for smaller ones.

Snakes for Drains

Another excellent DIY method for cleaning your drains is to use a drain snake. This long, flexible metal piece is inserted into the drain. The drain snake will help break up any obstructions in your drain by either catching the obstruction or breaking it up with its teeth and either breaking up to make it easier to flush out or bringing it up through the drain to remove it. Because you must ensure that the blockage is removed, even if it breaks up but does not flush out, this can be a time-consuming method of drain cleaning.

Calling in a Professional

Although it may be tempting to attempt to unclog a drain on your own, it is sometimes better for both you and your wallet to call a professional. Give RiverView Mechanical a call if you live in Hellam, York, or Harrisburg, PA, for the best rates and results. Their team has unclogged enough drains in York County over the years to know exactly which method is best and will save you from fumbling through method after method before giving up and calling the professionals. They will not stop until you are delighted with their work!

Regardless of which method you use, it is critical to keep your drains clean. You can avoid severe difficulties and costly expenditures in the future by taking the time to clear your drains on a regular basis. It is in your best interest to do it sooner rather than later, whether you do it yourself or hire a company like RiverView Mechanical. Both you and your pipes will be glad you made the decision!

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