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The Dangers of a Faulty Panel Box

Power is required for your home to function properly. All necessary energy, whether for lights or appliances, returns to a single source known as a breaker box or panel box. It is the voltage hub and separates the circuits throughout the house. These devices frequently perform without difficulty, but when a problem arises, such as a power surge, they might leave you in the dark.

When an issue emerges in Alabama, residents like you must enlist the help of an electrician from Trustworthy Electric. Without hesitation, you are assured of same-day service. While you may believe that being without electricity is the worst of your troubles, a faulty breaker box has many additional effects, some of which are more serious than you know. As you read, you will become aware of all the problems that might arise.

High Energy Costs

You may believe that a faulty panel box cannot cost you extra in utilities, but this is different. Even if you see a drop in power from your appliances, energy is still being utilized. Your panel box’s role is to manage voltage use, and if it fails to do so, things can go wrong. Even if you seldom use a particular device, it might be overrun owing to a faulty panel. Your monthly costs will swiftly mount, much to your chagrin and consternation.

Damaged Devices

Since they may begin to overrun, your appliances may experience total failure. Faulty wiring in the panels may also create power surges. With either issue, more delicate items such as washers, dryers, and laptops might become beyond repair. This might be a significant investment for you since they are often your most expensive items.


A fire or explosion is the most dangerous problem you may face. Your panels include a lot of wires, and as they degrade, they might start sparking. If these sparks come into touch with combustible materials such as wood or insulation, they can ignite. Your house might be engulfed in flames in seconds. You are not only at risk of substantial property damage but also of losing your life. Electrical fires are expected to cause approximately 50,000 fires in the United States each year.

Symptoms of Malfunction

The easiest method to safeguard your house from any of the aforementioned threats is to be aware of the most evident indicators of a problem. You will be able to contact us for assistance sooner if you do so:

  • Your power panel is starting to deteriorate. This is often due to age, which means the interior components also wear down.
  • Keep an ear out for any loud or distracting sounds coming from the panel. This might indicate that the wiring is getting loose.
  • Inspect for overheating, which might indicate that currents are too high for your panel to handle.

Electrical panels should never be repaired on your own since they are both sensitive and hazardous. Trustworthy Electric is the certain solution to your troubles, whether you’re in a hurry or need a periodic examination.

Selecting Trustworthy Electric

Because technology is continually improving, electrical work needs extensive training. Trustworthy Electric has been in business since 1994, and they have adapted to learn about these developments in order to serve their clients best.

When you contact for electric panel repairs, a professional will visit your home and carefully inspect your system. As part of their electrical installation service in Alabama, they may replace obsolete systems in addition to diagnosing the panel and repairing cables. Modern versions are frequently safer since they include circuit breakers to protect you from power surges or overloads.

Trustworthy Electric may be called in yearly to regularly check your panels and another electrical wiring since they care about your safety. Because safety rules change as quickly as technology, they will tune up any machine to guarantee your house remains secure.

Home security is more than simply a camera system. A properly functioning panel box may assist in keeping the most vital fixtures and appliances that make your house efficient and pleasant to operate. Call Trustworthy Electric at the first sign (or sound) of problems. See why many others regard them as a “trustworthy” business!

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