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The Importance of Your Filter Cartridge

Cartridge swimming pool filters are among the most prominent filter alternatives, as well as are an important part of pool maintenance, and cleaning due to the fact that they keep your swimming pool or spa devoid of hazardous dust as well as crud accumulation.

Constructed from man-made products like polyester, these cartridges are found in your pool’s tank system. As water goes through the container filter cartridges, it becomes clear of undesirable fragments and bacteria, and for that reason successfully comes to be clean sufficient to delight in.

Without a properly functioning filter cartridge, your swimming pool is prone to the accumulation of undesirable materials, as well as hazardous bacteria.

While it is generally recommended that pool filters be replaced every two to three years, there are some circumstances in which replacement may not be necessary. If the filter is made of high-quality materials and is well-maintained, it may be possible to extend its lifespan. Similarly, if the pool is only used occasionally, the filter may not experience the same level of wear and tear as one that is in constant use. In these cases, it may be possible to clean the filter instead of replacing it. However, it is important to consult with a professional before making any decisions, as extending the life of a filter may come at the expense of water quality.

The Best Method to Clean Your Cartridge

If you have just recently bought a filter cartridge that has started to reduce its cleaning capacity, you may take into consideration cleaning it. You require to clean the filter at the time of its PSI analysis, which rises anywhere from around 8-10 PSI.

Conversely, swimming pool owners who favor operating an exact yearly routine can select to clean their cartridges every 4-6 months to prevent blocking.

When to Change Your Filter Cartridge

Though cleaning the cartridge of your filter can assist the swimming pool filter to be more reliable throughout usage, it cannot extend its actual lifetime.

Thinking twice to replace a used-up or damaged filter cartridge can put your household needlessly at risk. Rather, pay close attention to your filter’s state, as well as ensure to comprehend the signs that you need to change your filter cartridge. 

Your Cartridge Looks Crushed

One substantial sign that you require to change your filter cartridge is your cartridge looking crushed. This can normally occur throughout a huge collapse of your cartridge’s internal core. The components of the cartridge supporting the filtering pleats known as the support cage are supposed to maintain their form and grasp the filter up. If that reinforcement cage stops working, the filter cartridge will efficiently decrease and end up looking like a messed-up tin mug or smashed beer can.


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