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The mystery garden rules you might not be aware of

As the summer months are approaching you may be starting to indulge in the relaxing work of sprucing up your garden area to make it look pretty and pleasant for the eyes. A beautiful garden is important for a property because it increases the beauty of the property and also its price in the market. 

It may sound like a good idea to use creative ideas to make the garden space amazing. But do you know that there are many unknown garden rules that you may be unaware of? Yes, even the most seasoned gardener may not always know all the rules. But don’t worry about it because Letting agents in Brighton will help you know about the unknown house and garden rules that you may have to follow. So you can always abide by the law and not face any trouble for breaking it unknowingly. 

Are you interested to know more about the mystery garden rules? Continue reading to know about it. 

  1. Cutting long branches 

Sometimes you may see your neighbour’s tree growing towards your property and it may hide the view of the sun, take up your garden space and the leaves of the tree may fall on your property. Therefore out of frustration, you may decide to take the situation into your hands and use a cutter to cut the tree branches or part of the tree that hangs on your boundary. 

But be careful to only cut the branches that enter your part of the garden because you are not allowed to enter your neighbour’s premises to cut the tree. It is illegal and you may be responsible for any damages caused to them or their property while pruning or trimming the tree. 

  1. Blocking the sunlight 

Every one of us has a right to enjoy the light from the sun. That is why if you have lots of plants and trees in your garden you have to not allow them to grow and block the sunlight that reaches your neighbour’s property. For instance, if any object in your garden blocks the natural sunlight entering the neighbour’s window, you may be liable for it and you can be ordered to cut the tree down or remove any obstacle. 

Therefore before planting a tree or a plant choose the best location for it and also know how much its species can grow as it can block the sunlight from reaching your neighbour’s garden. 

  1. Getting rid of the neighbour’s fence 

For many homeowners and their neighbours, the most common problem that causes dispute is the fence. It may often require maintenance or repair. You can have a look at the property deed to know who is responsible to maintain the fence and retain its ownership. This will help you avoid any unnecessary disagreements with your neighbour. 

  1. Picking fruits or flowers 

If you see any ripe fruits on a tree you may be tempted to pick it and eat it. Or you may see a blooming flower and choose to pluck it. But if the fruit or the flower is from someone else’s land you should not pick it because it legally belongs to them. Therefore this is also one of the garden rules you should be aware of. 

  1. Not respecting other’s privacy 

Many are looking for various ways to keep their home secure from unwarranted access from strangers. Homeowners are now using security cameras and live video cameras to monitor any strange activities near their properties. But while placing the cameras you have to only install them in areas that do not infringe on your neighbour’s right to privacy. 

Place the cameras in areas where you can view the crucial areas of your property as it should not give you a peek of your neighbour’s private grounds. 

  1. Allowing the growth of Japanese knotweed 

The Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant and once it grows in your garden you have to control its growth. Plus it can grow wildly and cause damage to properties and other structures. This is the reason why the laws regarding the weed are strict and homeowners who let it grow may have to pay a huge fine. 

Contact estate agents to know about garden rules 

There are many mystery garden rules that you need to know to abide by the rules and not unknowingly infringe any. To know about such rules you can speak with the estate agents in the area who will help you with their expertise and experience. Contact them now to book an appointment. 


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