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The Top Four Tips for Maintaining Your Water Heater

Just like every other technological item, a water heater requires maintenance. Even while manufacturers offer the greatest components that can withstand repeated heating and cooling, you must keep in mind that even the best components may deteriorate if used continuously.

In this article, we’ll look at some water heater maintenance Iowa advice to help them last longer despite constant expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling.

1-Please do not leave the geyser on for a lengthy amount of time 

The lifespan of your water heater may be increased with routine maintenance. Turning on the geyser only five minutes before you need it makes more sense. For water heater maintenance Iowa; boil water in under 5 minutes instead of an hour as was previously recommended for hot, steamy days.

2- Before winter, inspect the anode rod inside the tank 

Every three years, inspect the anode rod to determine if the magnesium coating on the outside has eroded. The rod must also be changed if it is covered with white calcium deposits (hard water causes this) or if its thickness has decreased to less than half an inch.

3- Examine the pressure release valve

The temperature and pressure release valves should be checked at least once every year. By releasing the pressure a few times, you can verify this. If the water heater’s relief valve leaks, it is a serious problem. For water heater maintenance Iowa, have some water drained from the geyser and the outlet tube removed. After that, replace the valve, and you’re done!

4- Pay attention to the plug 

Your switch will occasionally ignite due to power fluctuations and the low capacity cable used for the power socket. As a result of the greater energy wattage heating the plug and the pins and leaving burn traces, you will also notice burn marks on the plug.

In conclusion 

It is preferable to hire a professional if you lack experience maintaining geysers and want to prevent water heater issues.

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