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Tis the Season: Applying Seasonal Cleaning to the Outside of Your Home

As the seasons begin to change, attics begin to get cleaned out, and basements are getting organized. Clothes are sorted to be donated, and trash piles up on the curb. Everyone focuses on the inside of their house for a fresh start, but what about the outside? Weeds continue to grow, and leaves block the gutters of your house. Paint peels off the siding, and shutters are faded. After the inside of the house is clean, seasonal cleaning is locked away in the back of everyone’s mind, but what about the outside of the house?

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Calling up a group like Quad Cities Painting Company–a group of house painters in Rock Island, IL–is a fantastic way to spruce up the outside of your house and make it look brand new. The exterior of your house is just as important to invest time and energy into as the inside, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their work, Quad City is Rock Island’s preferred painting group for a reason. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can give the outside of your home a cleaner, more put-together feel.

All “Decked” Out

Another often forgotten exterior point when it comes to seasonal clean-up is the front deck and porch area. Even though the area might get cleared out, often times, the deck itself is left to bleach in the sun. Quad City’s staining services can bring a smooth put together look to the outside of your home without having to scramble to redecorate the entire space. Something as simple as a well-chosen stain color can be the change that your home needs to draw the eye of your neighbors and give your deck a lively and homey feel.

Fences, Fences, Fences

The best thing about having a yard is its versatility. Most fences have the ability to be removed or put up. If you are looking for something to tire your yard together or add a bit more sophistication to your exterior, a fence might be something to consider. With Quad City’s fence painting and fence staining services, you can easily customize the color to match your house, deck, or patio to tie everything together (or add a crazy pop of color!). Whether it is a simple stained wooden fence or a traditional white picket fence, Quad City’s 30 years of experience can help you find something to line your property with that will leave you with a breath of fresh air and be functional.

Just because seasonal cleaning doesn’t always reach the outside of your home doesn’t mean that it has to go neglected year round. Companies like Quad City Painting can help clean up the outside of your home with simple jobs to help make the exterior of your house match the clean and refreshing seasonal shift that the winds bring in every so often–without the hit to your wallet or your time.

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