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Top 6 Types of Conservatory Design

A conservatory can significantly increase not just the appearance but also the value of your home. Make more living space without sacrificing flair. Their popularity is embedded in our culture, with approximately 18% of households in England having conservatories. These are the top 6 most common types of conservatories, which should help you choose the appropriate addition to your home. The Victorian Conservatory. One of the most common conservatories is the Victorian-style conservatory. It is very popular since it complements many different types of homes. The Victorian conservatory has three or five sides; whichever one you choose, your conservatory will be elegant and attractive to the eye.

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories replicate the traditional charm of Victorian conservatories while providing greater open space. Because it is made of symmetrical shapes, it is suitable for individuals looking for a simple conservatory design. Ideal for various uses, such as dining rooms, sitting rooms, and even offices. The addition of window shutters fitted in a conservatory will bring even more elegance and allow you to control how much light you let in.

Conservatory with Edwardian Gables

The Edwardian Gable conservatory adds a majestic appearance to your home, with the roof meeting in the centre to create a triangle-like effect. It also adds to the bright ambience by allowing as much natural light as possible to shine through the glass walls and ceiling. The gable conservatory is ideal for homes with high ceilings. It combines function and style with its high vault roof suitable for adding lights. Choosing this sort of conservatory will undoubtedly add comfort to your home.

Lean-to Conservatory

Is the height of your home a constraint? The lean to conservatory’s low-pitched roof is ideal for bungalows or terraced buildings. The Lean-to conservatory design is divided into two categories: full glass and dwarf walls and glass. The dwarf walls could complement your home’s red brick, or the glass conservatory could provide a beautiful garden view.

A conservatory in the shape of a P, L, T, or U

A mix of the above conservatories makes these adaptable for your property’s size and shape. As the name implies, there are four various designs for this type of conservatory. The structure of this sort of conservatory is intended to add a relaxing space to your home. The Victorian conservatory and the lean-to are combined to make a P-shaped conservatory, which is the most popular. It features a beautiful and distinctive design that makes the lean-to section ideal for use as a kitchen and the more extensive Victorian-style section ideal for use as a dining space.


An orangery is a conservatory similar to an extra room in the house, with solid walls and glass on all sides. Orangeries were initially used to grow citrus plants in the 17th century, hence the name. It can now be used for more practical purposes, as you can install lights on the ceiling. You could utilise the orangery design to supplement an existing space in the house, such as the living room or dining area. Whatever your desire for additional space, the orangery will provide a relaxing environment in your home. Whichever type of conservatory you choose, a sense of grandeur will enter your home.

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