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What are vacuum tumblers?

Vacuum tumblers are necessary for the food industry. These tumblers are used just like a washing machine and work exactly like that. But the difference is that instead of mixing detergent and clothes together, it mixes meat and spices together. This is something that is used and is very important for the process of marinating.

Meat needs to be marinated properly before starting the process of cooking it. It adds extra flavours and makes the meat a little softer as well. Without marinating the meat properly, it will not taste as good. The flavours are very important for it to taste delicious. No matter how many spices you add while you are cooking it, if the meat is not marinated in a good way, there is no point in adding any spices later. 

Why is meat vacuum tumbling an important process?

  • Meat can be marinated by hand or manually as well but using a vacuum tumbler makes it difficult for air to enter and more flavours and marinade materials can get into the meat. This helps in giving a better flavour to the meat.
  • Vacuum tumblers take very less time for the process of marinating the meat. Marinating meat manually is not as easy, especially if the quantity of meat is a lot. This becomes very beneficial for the food industry as they want the preparation time to be as less as possible. 
  • The meat that you are marinating has water inside it and it needs to hold the moisture. If it does not hold the moisture inside, it will be very dry and will not be very tender after being cooked properly. With vacuum tumblers, it makes it easier to retain its water holding capacity. By marinating the meat manually, the water can easily be drained and the meat can become really hard and dry. This makes the use of vacuum tumblers better.
  • Vacuum tumblers marinate the meat in a better way and also make the meat very tender. With the functions and features of a vacuum tumbler, the spices and flavours get inside the meat properly and make it very flavourful and juicy. This is why the meat we get outside tastes really delicious. 

Why is marinating meat by a vacuum tumbler better than marinating manually?

  • The major reason is that it takes more time to marinate the meat manually as compared to marinating it by using a vacuum tumbler. 
  • Vacuum tumblers can marinate a large quantity of meat at one time. 
  • Marinating manually can make the meat hard and dry as air gets inside the meat.
  •  Vacuum tumblers also help in making the meat very tender and juicy as the flavours get inside the meat properly.

Vacuum tumblers are very good and beneficial for the food industry for the process of marinating. There are a lot of things that make it a very good product. Marinating meat by hand is not difficult but it will not make the meat as flavour as marinating it by using a vacuum tumbler would. 


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