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What Happened To My Heater?

Examine the Power Source

If you’ve checked the power supply and the heater is still not functioning, it’s likely that there are other issues stopping it from working properly. One of the internal components, such as the thermostat, relay, or motor, might be damaged. If the heater is an older type or has been subjected to intensive use for an extended length of time, these components may need to be replaced.

Examine for Any Impediments.

It is critical to ensure that nothing is impeding airflow to or from your heater. If something blocks the flow of air, heat will not be distributed properly, and your heater will stop working. Blockages are often caused by furniture, draperies, rugs, and other things near the heater. If you suspect that anything is obstructing the airflow, carefully move it away from the heater to see if it solves the issue. In certain cases, something may have been accidently knocked into the vents, possibly causing a blockage. Examine the air vents for any things that may have fallen into or around them and remove them.

Check the Filter

Dirt and dust may build up in your heater’s air filter over time. By collecting dirt and other airborne particles before they reach the system, the filter helps to keep the internal components of your heater clean. When this occurs, it may limit airflow, causing your heater to perform inefficiently or not at all. To avoid this, be sure to check and clean your air filter on a regular basis. If you discover that the filter is unclean, change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Doing so will not only keep your heater functioning smoothly but also assist assure its life.

Thermostat Issues

If your heater isn’t working correctly, one of the possible causes is that the thermostat is set too high or too low. Because the thermostat controls when the heater turns on and off, ensuring that it is properly calibrated is critical to ensuring that the heater performs properly. Check the instruction manual that came with your thermostat to confirm that it is correctly set. If it isn’t, change the settings so the heater works the way you want it to.

Pilot Light Issues

When a heater stops working, it may be as simple as relighting the pilot light in the appliance. It is likely that the technique for relighting your heater may change depending on the model. As a result, it is critical that you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are lighting your pilot light correctly and safely. If you properly follow these procedures, your heater should be up and running in no time. If your attempts are futile, it is probably in your best interest to seek the aid of a skilled specialist. They can discover and treat any potential underlying issues more precisely.

Contact a Professional

If your heater is still not working correctly after you’ve examined the thermostat, filter, and power sources, it’s time to call a heating expert for assistance from a skilled professional. That’s when Magic Plumbing comes to the rescue!

As a professional heating repair service in Oakland, CA, Magic Plumbing will be able to diagnose the issue with your heater and provide suggestions for any necessary repairs. They will also be able to tell you whether or not new components are needed and will aid you in selecting the right ones. They will be able to inspect all of the components of your system and test for any mechanical or electrical issues that may be preventing the heater from working properly. They may also verify that all connections are secure, check for blockages in venting systems, and remove dust and dirt from the components.

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