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What is a Central Air Conditioning System?

Amongst the most common method to cool a home is with a central air conditioning system. The system includes an exterior condenser unit that rests outdoors of your house as well as expels warmth along with an evaporator coil, which normally sits above your heater and cools the air within your residence. Ultimately your heating system or air handle deal with your AC using the fan to blow the cooled air through your home’s duct. As a central air conditioning repair wichita ks conditioner is integrated with your furnace system, it can make the most of the heater filter, as well as any additional air purifying equipment you have added. This aids to clean up the air throughout your home.

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How Does Central Air Function?

A central air conditioning conditioner works by using your heating system or air trainer fan to attract cozy air in with your residence’s duct. As the air is blown throughout the evaporator coil, which typically sits above your furnace, warmth gets taken off from the air, cooling it down. The removed warmth is soaked up right into the cooling agent running through the coil. This cooling agent is then pumped to the condenser, which is the component of your air conditioner that is outside of your home. The condenser expels this heat right into the outdoor air, cooling down the refrigerant, which is then returned inside the home, to start the process over once again.

Central Air Conditioning Described In 8 Steps

  • As the temperature in your residence increases beyond what you set on your thermostat, a signal is automatically sent from your thermostat to the circuit board in your heater.
  • This informs the system that cold air is needed, as well as turns on both the blower motor inside your residence and the condenser, which rests outdoors in your house.
  • Cozy air is then attracted into your ductwork, as well as cooled as it overlooks the evaporator coil over your furnace.
  • This cooled-down air is then returned to the house with the return air vents.
  • At the same time refrigerant in your AC soaks up the warmth from the air as it streams with the evaporator coil.
  • This warm cooling agent is then pumped to the condenser or outside part of your air conditioning unit.
  • The condenser impacts outside air throughout a different collection of coils, which gets rid of the warmth from your home that was soaked up by the refrigerant, prior to the refrigerant being sent back into the home.
  • This process continues till the desired set temperature is met.

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