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What Makes Stone Paver Driveways Superior?

An often overlooked part of your outdoor property is the driveway. It is not an area where you entertain guests, so it is easy to ignore. Its main purpose is to give you a space to drive to and from your home, as well as a place for extra vehicles to park at. However, the material that your driveway is made of can actually be crucial for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Because of the constant traffic that driveways see, they can face plenty of the same wear and tear that flooring inside of the home may face. That means that if you choose something too weak, you could find yourself paying for constant repairs or even seeing your tires suffer some damage.

Over time, it has become clear what the superior material is- stone. This heavy-duty material is not just durable but can be more pleasing to look at than other options. That is why it is the only option that Mountain Hardscape Systems offers for its paver driveway solutions.

However, you are sure to have a few more questions regarding this option before you call them in for a project. Don’t worry about conducting hours of research, though. All of the answers you need and reasons you should consider a stone driveway are listed below.

Easier to Care For

A common choice that people opt for when asphalt paving columbus oh a driveway is concrete. This is because it looks smooth and is affordable. However, this material is not durable in the heat and often finds itself expanding when the sun beats down on it. This will cause cracks to form.

The longer that these cracks are left to fester, the worse they will become. As they deepen, they can become potholes, which will just become a burden whenever you or someone else tries to pull in. It can also ruin the integrity of the rest of your driveway. You will constantly be repatching these cracks, which might not even hold up in the long run.

With stone driveways, the main maintenance that you need to perform is monthly sweeping or hosing. This will keep your driveway looking new and get rid of any dirt that may have built up between the grooves. Any sealing you may need will only occur every three to five years.

Even installing this type of driveway is much easier. Concrete and asphalt-made driveways require you to keep your car away so that it has time to dry, which could take roughly 24 hours. Even after that day is up, you may have to wait another day before it is strong enough for your car. With a paver driveway, once stones are placed and set, you can begin using it again that same day.

More Customizable

When you get a concrete or gravel driveway, there really is little room for personalization. Both are usually only available in grays and lacks and only come in style. Stone pavers, however, are different and can meet your specific tastes.

You can choose stones of different shapes and sizes that complement the style of the home on your property. Stones can also come in a variety of colors, from the most muted to bright and bold options. You can even mix and match different types of stones for a look unlike any other.

When you contact Mountain Hardscape Systems, you can receive a free design consultation where you can learn if the custom stone paver you have in mind can actually be made into a reality. They have dealt with a lot of unique minds over the years and would be happy to see what you are considering, too.

A Worthwhile Investment

Something that can make or break the value of your home is its curb appeal. The first thing anyone is going to notice about your home is the exterior property. If you ever plan on selling your home, you’re going to want to make the most money before moving. However, if house hunters see your beautiful house but notice a rough and worn driveway, they might be turned away from contacting you.

Stone paver driveways can keep your land looking well-maintained and add a sleek modern design to even older homes. It will also help when those potential buyers drive up to your house for a tour and don’t have to deal with any rough bumps.

Because natural stones are also more environmentally friendly than their competition, setting concrete driveways can release harmful greenhouse gases, such as asphalt, which is often made of petroleum-based material. Keeping nature safe always makes a purchase worth the cost!

You can also consider its lifespan worthy of the investment you put into a stone paver driveway. As it requires little upkeep and is tough to damage, you can bet that you won’t have to repave your driveway any time soon. Typically, stone-based paths will last you anywhere between 25 and 50 years! This is in comparison to concrete, which is around 30 years, and asphalt, 15 to 25 years.

Getting Your Droveway Installed

With so many advantages, why would you consider any other type of material to line your driveway with? If you’re ready to get started, the only option you need to consider now is which contractor to trust. There is no better choice for those in the Boise area than Moutain Hardscape Systems.

Their team has been helping homeowners better their entire property for over 20 years through hardscaping designs unlike any other. While some companies try to do a one-size-fits-all method, MHS believes that satisfaction can only be met if a client’s personal tastes are taken into consideration.

When you consult them, they will listen to your desires and collaborate with you so that those wild dreams of yours can still be efficient in a more practical manner. This is your driveway, and you’ll be a part of your own hardscaping crew at MHS!

They can provide stone pavers for more than just your driveway, too. Boost the whole look of your home through stone patios, pathways, and walls, too! Even if you already have some hardscaping set, they are able to work with your current products and further enhance them to match your new ones!

Even though driveways are often covered by cars sitting on top of them, they can still tie the overall look of your home together. Don’t just settle for a material that is prone to cracking or aging fast. Stone paver driveways are the best option for any style of home. Click here to see all of the available stone paving services that Moutain Hardscape Systems currently offers, along with the amazing brands that they work with.

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