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Why Should You Relocate Bee Hives Instead of Exterminating?

You must be aware of the pollination efforts honeybees give, which is an essential part of food production. Even though bees are considered an important part of the ecological system, that does not mean you would want them in or around your house. Bees are still a dangerous bug to be around as their sting can inflict a lot of pain. 

If you have a beehive around your house, you should get it relocated instead of exterminated. Although it may be tempting to destroy the entire thing at once, Stride Pest Control can help you relocate it safely. One can protect themselves from nature’s creations without inflicting harm. 

How does beehive relocation work?

A beehive relocation is pretty much what it sounds like. A professional pest control team carefully removes the hive using gentle methods not to hurt the bees inside. Then they relocate it to a safe place from where they cannot enter your house or threaten your family. They usually relocate it into the woods, away from homes and buildings. 

Why is the killing of bees dangerous to the human race?

Exterminating bees can be dangerous to the human race because it is a significant part of various environmental processes. While there are other natural factors that help in pollination, such as the wind, beetles, butterflies, and birds, the process is very slow. 

Bees do the work more quickly. Without the contribution of bees pollinating plants, humans would be unable to eat apples, cherries, blueberries, leafy greens, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables.

The extinction of bees will also affect the animal kingdom significantly, especially the herbivores. Without bees, many of the plants that herbivores consume, such as alfalfa and lupins, won’t be able to grow, and the animals will starve.

Sources of milk and milk products, such as cows, goats, and buffaloes, will eventually vanish. 

Benefits of live bee removal 

There are several benefits of removing bees when they are still alive. 

  1. It is a safe pest control method because no pests are killed, and no pesticides are used either. The bees can be reserved carefully and dropped into their new home. 
  2. When you kill bees, they leave a pheromone that attracts other live bees to the area. Therefore, even if you kill the existing bees, it won’t stop more from coming. Relocating them while they are alive can prevent that. 
  3. It protects the environment. By not killing bees, you are acting proactively and saving the pollinators. 

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