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Why You Should Consider a Metal Roof

The roof is one of the key aspects of any building, including your business. It helps to protect you and your customers from the elements. Over time, it can be a wise decision to get your current roof replaced, especially if it is in constant need of repair. While there are many choices on the market, like PVC or rubber, metal roofs remain high in popularity.

There are many benefits that come with this option from both a safety and economic aspect. However, the following benefits can only be found when you trust an expert to perform the installation. William’s Roofing & Construction has been providing companies with commercial metal roofing in Springfield, IL, with a success-proven method for years and is sure to bring you joy, too.

Weather Resistant

The biggest problem with Mother Nature is that you can never determine what you are going to be dealing with. Even if your weather app calls for light rain, you could be seeing a total thunderstorm instead. Certain roofing materials do not bode well when the temperature fluctuates too often and can weaken fast. Metal can withstand any of it, whether hit with blistering sunlight or hail pellets.


There are certain types of roofing that can weigh heavy on top of your building. Over time, this can ruin the integrity of the infrastructure and could even cause cracks to form. At some point, this could become a safety hazard that causes a partial collapse. Metal roofs tend to weigh 100-150 pounds per square, while other types, like concrete, can be as much as 900 pounds.


The best thing about any new roof is that they are more likely to keep your building safe from heat or drafts because they are not full of hoes or open gaps. But a metal roof goes one step further, especially in the summer. Metal is good at reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it, meaning that you will not have to turn up an AC as high, and your patrons will feel much more comfortable. This will help save you on your utilities each month.


One of the biggest worries that you could have as a business owner is any damage or destruction. While a metal roof cannot protect you from a fire that starts from the ground, it can keep your property safe if something like a firework lands on top of it. William’s Roofing & Construction especially recommends this style of roofing if you live in an area where forest fires are common.

The William’s Roofing & Construction Strategy

Whenever you are ready to replace your roof, trusting William’s Roofing & Construction is a great option because they have a consistent plan layout that will be easy for you to keep up with. You will be given a concise schedule so you are always aware of when they will be stopping by to perform work.

After you contact them, they will evaluate your current roof to see if a new one will be most beneficial. Afterward, they will talk to you about your options so that you can put together a solid plan and design. You will know everything, such as your team members and the costs of the material. From there, they can get to work, and you will get results that are both pleasing and long-lasting.

William’s Roofing & Construction is unmatched in the care and quality that it puts into every project. They work solely with commercial buildings, from schools and offices to apartment buildings. They only use the best roofing brands available, so this investment is worth every penny.

Even if you choose not to get a metal roof, you can still talk to them about their other options. William’s Roofing & Construction is equipped to install PVC, TPO, and EDM roofs, as well. Get in touch with them today and see what the best course of action is for your establishment.

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