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 Workers compensation- frequently asked questions 

Workers compensation is something that will help you protect and safeguard your business and your employees as well. Accidents can never be predicted but one can surely be prepared to face them. Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to workers compensation benefits for pain and suffering.

What does workers’ compensation cover?

Most of the workers compensation include medical expenses, lost wages, other losses due to injury or prolonged bed rest.

How do I file a workers’ compensation claim?

Whenever you meet with an accident at the workplace, the first thing that you need to do is inform your employer who will further notify the insurance company. The insurance company will note down a first report of the injury and the process towards the compensation will start.

Who pays for workers compensation benefits?

Most of the companies buy workers compensation insurance to cover the benefits that they might have to provide to their employees in case of such accidents.

Do I have to use my personal medical insurance for work related injury?

No, one does not need to use his personal medical insurance for work related injury because such accidental claims are covered by the company where you work. Make sure to get in touch with your employer and inform him about your expenses.

Can I be fired for claiming work related injury compensation?

This is against the law and also against the interest of an employee for an employer to fire him for reporting an injury claim that occurred at the workplace

Is the benefit given under workers compensation taxable?

Such compensations are not taxable under the income tax law and if any agency or any person tries to convince you otherwise must be dealt in accordance with the law.

Is a minor given a special kind of compensation under the workers compensation law?

No, a minor who suffers any kind of injury at the workplace shall get the same benefits as any other employee.

Will I be considered an employee while I am on workers compensation?

Whenever you are injured at the workplace and you begin with the treatment, the status of your employment is marked as leave of absence. However, once you heal completely and return back to work, you become an active employee of the company.

Is there some kind of penalty for not complying with workers compensation insurance?

Legally, it’s an offense and there are civil and administrative penalties that can be imposed on the employer in case of such negligence.

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