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Water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can wreak havoc on the property. The cost of repairing it can be through the roof. Often the water damage is caused due to water leaking from the roof. It can even leaded to a flooded basement and weakened the foundation. We need to work on preventing water from collecting on the roof. The job of the eavestrough is to divert the water away from the property. Every home needs to have one. We are here to tell you all about an eavestrough. For all your eavestrough needs you can always reach out to D’Angelo and Sons:

Why should you consider installing an eavestrough?

It is normal to ask this question to yourself. The water collecting on the roof and the ice dams can cause permanent damage to the property. It can cause permanent damage to the exterior walls of the home, fascia boards, soffits and the foundation. The best and the easiest way to protect your home from these damages is by installing the eavestrough system. They also provide extra protection to the insulation and pavers. The gutter system is installed to divert the water away from the property. This prevents the water pooling and ice dam formation.

Once you have decided to install the eavestrough, it must be done properly. You might be tempted to carry it out as a DIY project. It is highly recommended to hire professionals for this task. They have the knowledge, experience and tools to carry it out properly. If the system is incorrectly installed it can be ineffective, meaning it won’t serve the purpose. When the professionals from D’Angelo and Sons are carrying out the installation, they use the advanced tighteners ensuring that the eavestrough will hold its place even with strong winds.

How to maintain the eavestrough?

Just like every other part of the house, the eavestrough also needs maintenance. Though it is not complicated but a daunting task. The best way to maintain it is by cleaning twice a year. During the cleaning, the debris and leaves collected in the gutter is cleaned out, so that the water can flow smoothly and swiftly. Getting up on the roof to carry out cleaning is not exciting and we might put it off for long. It is not a great idea to do that. You can always reach out to D’Angelo and Sons. Their professionals will carry out the maintenance. During the process, they also inspect the system to ensure it is working correctly.

What happens when you need repair?

Having the professionals carry out cleaning, will help you deal with a malfunctioned eavestrough in time. If you have noticed water pooling, flooded basement, growth of mould, rotting fascia and water tricking down on the exterior walls. These might be signs that your eavestrough needs repair. The professionals from D’Angelo And Sons will find out the root cause and deal with it.


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