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Your Guide to the 5 Best Magnetic Locators in 2022


Explore magnetic locator options that can help you find buried survey markers, utilities and more. These five locators represent some of the best, more affordable options available in 2022. See how you can get started locating lines or upgrade your outdated locator.

1. Schonstedt GA-52Cx

This streamlined locator can detect items up to 18 feet in the ground. It doesn’t include a visual output, but it more than makes up for it with an affordable, durable design.

Just like many Schonstedt locators, the GA-52Cx comes with a generous warranty and a knob to adjust the sensitivity. It’s powered by 9-volt batteries and can be used for up to 40 hours with medium-powered use.

The length of the locating stick is fully waterproof but the panel isn’t rated at all. Keep it protected in the rain and be cautious when using this locator around water.

2. Schonstedt Maggie

The Schonstedt Maggie magnetic locator is one of the most versatile, flexible options on the market. From a durable design to an impressive sensitivity up to 20 feet deep, the Maggie locator is a dynamic option for both professional and amateur use.

This locator offers both visual and audio output. Turn on the LCD display to see items that are detected. Just like other Schonstedt products, this locator has a waterproof lower body. The panel itself is also IP54 rated for water resistance, giving you peace of mind in rainy conditions or wet environments.

3. CST/Berger 19-202SC MagnaTrak

Schonstedt may be a leading brand, but there are many budget-friendly options to consider for amateur surveying and detecting. The CST/Berger 19-202SC is a great example of this.

It uses a digital screen and visual output to help you understand what you’re detecting. It also includes volume and sensitivity controls. It doesn’t offer the same sensitivity, depth or durability of highly rated options, but can be a nice choice for occasional use.

4. Schonstedt SPOT

Keep your magnetic locator on hand wherever you go with the Schonstedt SPOT. This compact option can still detect ferrous objects that are buried 18 feet in the ground, but it offers a lower cost and smaller design than other Schonstedt products on this list.

An IP54 rating for the panel and 27 inches of waterproof rod give you the peace of mind you need as you carry your locator to your next job site.

5. CST/Berger 19-555 MT101 MagnaTrak

Another budget-friendly option by CST/Berger, this model can detect up to 15 feet with a waterproof tube. It’s powered by six AA batteries and can be used for around 100 hours before you need to replace the batteries.

It offers the same sensitivity and volume control features you’ve come to expect from a highly rated locator. Compared to Schonstedt alternatives, this product is a very affordable alternative that still offers accurate readings for many situations.

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