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AC Maintenance Fundamentals

As summer approaches and the California heat rises, you may be eager to turn on your beloved air conditioner. However, instead of frigid air, you can get hot air or nothing at all one day. This is usually a sign that the cooling system is clogged. Air conditioners are prone to accumulating dirt and debris since they clean the air in your home.

As a consequence, it is necessary to clean out your air conditioner regularly. The longer dirt sits in its filters, the more prone it is to air contaminant breakdown or recycling. While certain activities are simple to complete on your own, Barker Heating & Cooling, a company that considers itself man’s greatest friend, can help. You will realize how true that remark is after working with them.

Servicing Your Air Conditioner

AC checks should be performed by a professional on a yearly basis. An annual check ensures that the air conditioner’s components are in good operating order and that any necessary repairs are made as soon as possible. This checkup is included when you join Barker Heating & Cooling’s BFF Membership program.

If the cooling system in your home is under a heavier strain, it may require more regular service. An air conditioner, for example, that is constantly exposed to clean air requires less maintenance. Frequent exposure to smoke, strong scents, or dust may explain why your air conditioner has to be repaired more frequently.

Air filters should be examined, replaced, or cleaned on a regular basis to guarantee proper air conditioner maintenance. The air quality in your house will deteriorate if the filters in your air conditioning unit are unclean or clogged. A blocked air filter reduces your air conditioner’s efficiency and may cause the evaporator coils to freeze and shatter.

To clean the filters, remove them and scrub them with soap and water. If the filters are not removable, clean them with a moist cloth. A portable vacuum may also be used to clean filters. For best results, repeat this approach every three months.

Why Is AC Maintenance So Important?

There are various advantages to maintaining your air conditioner in good operating order. Every homeowner is aware that the expenses of installing and maintaining equipment such as an air conditioner may quickly add up. Aside from the original purchase price, ongoing expenses include energy, Freon, and maintenance. Air conditioner maintenance will help you cut costs while also extending the life of your appliance.

Barker Heating & Cooling technicians will assess the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. It is now an excellent time for a qualified specialist to inspect your home’s cooling system for flaws and increase its efficiency for your family. Your air conditioner is doing a fantastic job.

Allowing your air conditioner to degrade without inspecting or cleaning it reduces its lifespan. Despite the fact that most air conditioners have a 10- to 15-year lifespan, regular maintenance can help you avoid issues or even system failure.

Cleaning your air conditioner also guarantees that the filtration system is in good operating order, which is critical if you have any family members who have serious respiratory problems. Examining the sort of filters you use and how often they are updated will help to ensure that your air quality is adequate.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

There are numerous obvious signs that your air conditioner has reached the end of its useful life:

  • Strong and musty aromas
  • Knocking and hissing sounds
  • Failures occur on a regular basis
  • High energy costs

If any of these signs appear, you should take charge and contact Barker Heating & Cooling. Allowing any of it to lapse for an extended period of time may cause you to worry and money and leave you feeling hot under the collar- literally.

Livermore locals know they can rely on Barker Heating & Cooling to get the job done correctly the first time because of their cutting-edge methods and creative solutions. When it comes to changing units, they don’t just hand you a random high-priced AC. They will discuss your budget constraints with you and take the size of your home into account. Whatever you choose, it will be effective for many years.

To save money, try looking at new solutions that require less maintenance, such as the QuickCool Whole House Fan. Using this gadget reduces your requirement for air conditioning and can save expenditures by up to 90%. Even better, they produce far less noise than their equivalent!

Professional maintenance checkups are required once a year to ensure you don’t swelter during one of California’s frequent heat waves. When you entrust Barker Heating & Cooling with any of your AC needs, they may function as your guard dog. Call them today to find out what makes them the greatest in the business.

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