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Types of Landscaping Projects to Consider

Whether you want to beautify your property, make your neighbor envious, or just give your home a much-needed boost, landscaping can work as a great solution. When people think of this procedure, they often think of green and manicured lawns, but the possibilities extend beyond that.

As you will see, there are plenty of techniques you can add to your land to make it stand out from the crowd. Considering that everyone has their own personal tastes and goals, there is going to be an option that will work for you. Landed Landscapes and its team can help answer any question and design the yard of your dreams, then care for it as the years go on.


Gardening is a fun hobby for many in the spring and summer months, as it can be a stress reliever while adding a fresh-smelling and beautiful look to the home. Not only that, but flora is excellent for the environment. You could consider anything from fresh-smelling flowers that help the bees to add a vegetable garden so that you can get your own fresh produce.

Although this is a task that you can take on yourself, you can outsource it to Landed Landscapes so that they can help you decide the best spots to place your plants. Looking at a blueprint of your property, they could even give you ideas about where to set trees so that you can keep your home shaded and less susceptible to being overheated by the sun’s rays.


There are two subgroups of landscaping. Most people focus on soft scaping, which pertains to horticulture and lawn care, but there is also hardscaping. This is the method of adding components made of materials like stone and wood. This technique often adds extra living space to properties.

A common example of hardscaping is the addition of a patio in the backyard. This allows homeowners to have a space where they can entertain guests. Because of how much time and construction goes into hardscaping, you will have to find help to complete the task. After completing a patio, Landed Landscapes can also add elements like an outdoor fireplace or stone pathways to enhance the overall appearance and functionality.

Water Systems

Lawn care and landscaping easily go hand-in-hand, keeping your property from looking drab. While mowing the grass will keep your property from looking wild, if it is brown, your home can look like an eyesore, especially if your neighbors have lush-looking spaces.

A sprinkler system will help keep your grass green even amidst dry weather. With the right irrigation system, you can control the times that it performs its duties, along with the power of spray that it provides. These systems are less time-consuming than manually watering plants and can lower your water bill, as hoses can waste a lot of water.

Other Considerations

While the three techniques mentioned above can be of excellent service, there is still plenty that you can opt for. Since the exterior of your home is what people notice first when passing by or arriving on your property, you want to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Some homeowners go for options such as new driveways, as the suitable material can make for smoother driving and better parking. Others might opt for outdoor lighting to keep themselves and loved ones safe when outside in the dark.

No matter what option suits your fancy, Landed Landscapes can be called to help you out. They are happy to help you with all types of services, whether you just need some design ideas or some help constructing the landscape elements you desire. Every project they take on is customized to meet your dreams while also remaining practical.

To ensure that your property continues to look great, you can continue to contact them whenever you need a little extra maintenance on your lawn. Members of Landed Landscapes provide raking and mowing services to plenty of homeowners in the D.C. metropolitan area and can do the same for you.

With so many landscaping solutions available, there is no reason to let your property lack in quality. Landed Landscape is prepared to take on any procedure you want to be completed and can offer you even more suggestions. Contact them today and gain ideas from some of their past work.


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