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Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Tips

Summer is on its way, bringing smothering heat and uncomfortably high Georgia temperatures. If you’re like the rest of the state, you’ll do everything to remain cool in the blazing sun. One suggestion to help to beat the heat is to turn on your air conditioner.

Yet, if your air conditioner isn’t operating correctly or needs to be adequately cooling your room, summer may be much worse than it needs to be. When the advice above isn’t enough, call Crowe’s Comfort Solutions for some of the best air conditioning repairs in Pooler, GA. They’ll have your place feeling fresh again after only one visit.

How to Look After Your Air Conditioner

As the weather rises, a growing number of people turn to air conditioners to stay cool. Air conditioners are a great way to keep comfortable and cool off in the summer, but they can also be annoying and unpleasant. AC units are famously fussy, and keeping them in good working order may be tough. Fortunately for you, there are a few ]tasks that you can do that will keep your air conditioner running well.

Begin by frequently adjusting the filter. When the filter in your air conditioner gets blocked, it has to work more than required, leading it to wear out sooner. Second, avoid turning on your air conditioner when it is not absolutely required. Turning on and off the unit too frequently might put some stress on the system. Finally, have a professional maintain your air conditioner at least once a year. You can keep your AC system running smoothly all summer long with a little additional care.

Repairing a Leaking Air Conditioner

There is a wide range of possibilities as to why your air conditioner might begin to leak water or fluids. The most common issue is that the unit needs to be level. If an air conditioner’s condensate pan is not level, it may overflow and spill water. You can employ shims to level the device to remedy this problem. A blocked condensate drain line could be the cause of an air conditioner that is leaking. Because the condensate drain line conducts water away from the unit, it becomes clogged and spills.

First, switch off the unit. After that, the coolant drain line should be cleansed. The drain line should then be removed, and any material that has formed in it should be cleared away. If none of these work, the condenser unit or evaporator coil is most likely leaking. If this is the situation you are dealing with, you should seek professional help.

Dealing With Strange Noises

Investigate how your air conditioner sounds and where it appears to be coming from if it starts producing strange noises. This will be a guide to help you figure out the nature of the dilemma and how to remedy it. Unusual AC noises are frequently caused by loose nuts or screws, damaged fan blades, or congested ducts.

The majority of these problems may be remedied by tightening bolts, replacing damaged components, or removing obstructions. If the noise remains after you’ve tried these fixes, call Crowe’s Comfort Solutions. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and get your AC back up and running because of their knowledge and understanding.

They use highly advanced tools for all of their work because it guarantees that your air conditioner’s tune-ups will be long-lasting. Always straightforward, the technicians you work with will also make you aware of the time when you should consider a replacement AC. If this is the case, they will install your new one using a well-trusted and energy-efficient brand.

Though they might have to work on other parts of your home to install or repair an air conditioner, the team will make sure to clean up any messes and give your house its integrity once more. They’re a guest in your home and want to treat it as well as they treat you.

Sweltering in the Georgia heat is brutal, and no one should be forced to suffer through it. Along with some of your own handiwork, Crowe’s Comfort Solutions can help you avoid this problem with expert AC repairs.

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