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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?

Summers can be exhausting, especially in places like North Carolina, where heat waves are expected. You will undoubtedly switch on your dependable air conditioner to avoid sweating or sweltering.

A damaged air conditioner, on the other hand, may make the difficult summer heat much more irritating. Whether it’s obvious when you switch it on for the first heat wave of the spring or happens at random, both scenarios might make you cringe. As you shall see, there are several reasons why this may occur.

Because you cannot prevent all difficulties, it is critical that you have a team of professionals on hand to assist you in the middle of a fiasco. Air Works Heating & Air is a reliable provider for all of your air conditioning requirements, from maintenance to replacement.

Filter Blockages

When air conditioners pump cool air through your home, they also suck in typical airborne particles to maintain adequate air quality. This is why filters are included in units. The dirt that the filters capture can accumulate over time, making it more of an obstacle for the AC to push air out. When this occurs, your device may overwork and shut down.

This is what causes it to be more than just a little important to maintain your filters and ducts clean at all times. While you may wipe them away with a wet cloth every few months, you can also hire Air Works Heating & Air to handle it for you if you are nervous that you will not do it thoroughly enough. It is only one of the numerous heating & AC services in Wake County that they provide.

Extreme Weather Changes

Weather in North Carolina may change in the blink of an eye, as one would anticipate. Along with being vexing, this may be a major issue for the various units in your residence. Your air conditioner is no exception. Depending on the BTUs it contains, an air conditioner is usually unable to keep up with rapid temperature fluctuations from cold to hot. This might result in overheated systems, lowering device efficiency and necessitating maintenance or even replacement.

You can deal with this a little on your own. Consider turning on the furnace only when the temperature reaches a particular level. Also, make sure you have it adjusted enough since this will exacerbate the difficulties it has with overworking.

Age as a Whole

How long has your existing air conditioner been in service? You should be aware of this because their lifespans are roughly ten years. Even with this longevity, the life of an air conditioner might be decreased depending on its general use and how well it is cared for. Over time, you’ll notice less cold air, increased expenses, and maybe even weird odors.

Often, the unit will have an age label that you may look for. If you still can’t find it, go ahead and get a replacement. Newer versions are not only more energy efficient, but they also keep your budget in check and prevent high costs on maintenance.

Keeping Your Unit in Good Condition

The easiest way to be confident that you won’t have to deal with a damaged unit is to have Air Works Heating & Air inspect it once a year. By signing up for their Standard or Premium Comfort Plan, this service is guaranteed. When examining your unit, they will do all of the easy tasks, along with intricate work like rewiring or replacing refrigerants.

Known for their transparency with customers, they are also quick to tell you when you need a new AC and will happily help you install the replacement using a well-known and affordable brand. Once they do this, you are sure to have a one-year warranty.

To make sure you will not need to suffer with a broken air conditioner again any time soon, Air Works Heating & Air will give you trustworthy guidance on how to take care of your new unit and how you should operate it. With this guidance, you can be 100% confident that you will relax in cool air all summer long!

There is no reason you should be forced to feel overheated because your air conditioner is no longer doing its job. Air Works Heating & Air is ready to be by your side no matter the reason your unit became faulty. Call them today and stay ahead of the heat by obtaining a scheduled inspection.

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