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How to Look After Your Air Conditioner

Summer is rapidly arriving in North Carolina, and you will undoubtedly feel it, so it is time to break out of the air conditioner. Air conditioners provide a safe haven for many individuals, delivering relief from the scorching heat that might strike at any time.

Although air conditioners are rather sophisticated, and certain jobs should be left to specialists, you may use this guide to assist you in doing a few fundamental operations. After you’ve accomplished these steps, you can call Air Care Heating and Cooling for trusted heating and ac services in Charlotte, NC. They are a leader in their craft and promise you quality any time of year.

It Is Necessary to Clean the Filters

Air conditioners serve numerous purposes. One of these roles is to increase airflow by vacuuming up dust, allergens, and other airborne particles. They do this by using filters, which might become clogged over time. When this happens, your air conditioner will either not perform correctly or may overwork itself. To avoid this, be sure to clean and replace the filters every month.

Based on what kind of filter your system uses, soap and water may be all that is required to clean it. However, some filters are not waterproof and must be updated. Please take out the disposable filter and gently tap it to get rid of any loose particles. After that, rinse the filter with lukewarm water and clean it with a soft-bristled brush. Allow the filter to air dry after carefully cleaning it. If you have a washable filter, clean it as directed by the manufacturer.

Keep Your Units Open and Clear of Debris

Obstacles may cause damage to the exterior of your air conditioner, including the filters. Leaves and twigs may jam the condenser coils and hinder the device from adequately dispersing heat. This is why it is critical to examine and clean the coils on a regular basis. To clean the coils, clean any dirt, dust, or other contaminates that have built up on them. You may use a brush or a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner accessory to achieve this. After cleaning the coils, rinse them with water to eliminate any detergents that may have been left over.

Regular Examinations

To ensure that your air conditioner is operating at top efficiency, schedule frequent checkups with a reputable provider like Air Care Heating and Cooling. As part of their Priority Service Club program, you can be guaranteed this service every summer, along with a heating service inspection in the winter.

Even though you might have already taken care of the above procedures, their crew will repeat the task to make sure you got everything. Along with this, they can take on more delicate operations like rewiring and thermostat recalibration.

To serve you best, Air Care Heating and Cooling is forward about their work and pricing. If they think your AC is too far gone, you will know, but they will be happy to offer you an efficient replacement using a top brand, such as York or Goodman.

Because air conditioners can malfunction at any time of day, you can rely on them to come back at any point, even outside of routine business hours. No one should be forced to wallow away in a heat wave so that they will fix you up immediately.

Taking precautions with your air conditioner is a great way to keep yourself comfortable and also protect your entire family. But, along with some of your own labor, let the pros from Air Care Heating and Cooling help ensure the satisfaction you deserve with a little extra TLC on your AC.

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