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Are Ductless Mini-Splits the Best Option?

Summers in Florida may be scorching, and as the season gets underway, you may be seeking methods to keep cool. Many people receive financial aid in the form of an essential air conditioner. While the majority of houses have central air or window units, some people want something considerably smaller.

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on noisy, inefficient fans in your small apartment or house. With regard to ductless mini-split systems, you may continue to enjoy the cool air of an air conditioner! These reduce the need for extensive ducting by linking many rooms to a single exterior compressor.

You may have never heard of them, yet they can give you a lot of advantages. As you read on, you’ll discover what these benefits are! Then, when you’re ready to install one, contact the heating & cooling experts in Tampa from Air Mavericks.

It Is Simple to Install and Maintain

As previously stated, these air conditioning units don’t call for the use of ducts, potentially saving time and money during installation. LenAire Inc. just needs to work on your internal walls because there are only two primary components- no need to knock down your ceiling!

They will also require less maintenance and checks because they are smaller than standard air conditioners. Because they lack ducting, they also require filter cleaning or replacement. Most units need to be cleaned or have obstructions removed.


We all like to save money, but the most difficult barrier to overcome is our monthly power bill. HVAC units could have a role in this as they are always on when we need them the most. Earlier models are more susceptible since they must work more to keep correct air temperatures. You will immediately notice a difference when you replace them with a ductless mini-split. These devices are only utilized in regions that require controlled air to avoid wasting additional electricity.

There are also some fantastic government incentives! Florida rewards residents hundreds of dollars in cash for installing ecologically friendly HVAC equipment in their homes, and the US government may provide even more in tax credits.

Mini-splits are also better for the environment. These technologies can assist you in living a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. They use far safer refrigerants than larger air conditioners, which could help you live a healthier lifestyle. Because of their compact size, they emit far less emissions, decreasing your carbon impact.

Temperature Regulation

Heat is retained in different ways in different rooms of a house. This is primarily related to their location, quantity of windows, and insulation. As a result, providing the same cold air temperature at each location is inefficient. Because each room has its own defined zone, ductless mini-splits make it straightforward to determine how each space should feel.

Even better, these devices can both heat and chill! That implies you won’t need to install a separate heating system in your home for the length of the winter. With Florida’s unpredictable weather, this gadget may prove beneficial.

Obtaining Installation Assistance

Now that you have a better understanding of these devices, it is time to think about installing one in your house. With a high level of client satisfaction and the capacity to perform same-day services, you should trust the experts at Air Mavericks. You will notice a 50% reduction in your future bills if you use their units.

When it comes to installation, Air Mavericks is all about efficiency and quality, as well as openness. They evaluate all of your wants and budget before installing anything so that they can offer you an exact estimate from the start. If it does not work for you, they will come up with another solution to ensure your satisfaction.

If a ductless mini split isn’t suited for you, Air Mavericks also provides heat pumps and other energy-efficient technologies. These units may likewise be used all year; the only difference is that they cover the entire house rather than simply individual zones. If you want an air conditioner, they sell top ENERGY-STAR-rated brands such as LG, Bryant, and Goodman.

Why not attempt to go contemporary with your HVAC system this summer, with so many more sophisticated methods to remain cool these days? As you have a ductless mini split, you never have to worry about changing your unit as the weather changes. Allow Air Mavericks to assist you with your installation. You’ll see why Tampa has rated them as the best HVAC staff for years.

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