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Different Types of Attic Ladders 

Attic ladders come in different design varieties and options. For homeowners planning to remodel or renovate their attic space, there is a wide choice of ideas and opportunities they can expect as they organize how they can access the attic storage space.

Attic ladders vary in terms of the way they fold up and the material from which they are made. One can find a timber ladder as an option for their attic storage space and other materials such as aluminium and steel. 

Attic ladders are not one size fits all, as there are numerous factors to consider before purchasing one for a home. There are also different methods of attaching the stairs or ladders to the attic space.  

Folding Attic Ladders

Folding attic ladders fold up to fit inside a ceiling hatch of the attic. It is constructed in three or four sections, and this type of attic ladder is compact and suitable for small attics. 

Folding wooden ladders come in two main varieties: those that fold automatically and can be folded manually. Folding attic ladders are an affordable option to consider, and they are easy to install. 

Telescoping Attic Ladders 

A telescoping attic ladder can collapse down to around 36 inches tall. It can also weigh approximately 35 pounds, which makes it easy to store in an attic space. A telescoping attic ladder can work for homes that are tight on storage space, as it has an accordion-style extension mechanism. 

Sliding Attic Ladders

Sliding attic ladders typically have two or more sections and are equipped with a spring mechanism. One pulls the stairs, and the ladder descends gently. Sliding ladders can also be called scissors or accordion ladders due to the way they are constructed. They are more compact than folding attic ladders as they require a smaller hatch.

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