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Easy Ways To Clear A Blocked Drain And Its Reasons

Yes, clogged drains are nasty and create a considerable inconvenience in the house. Further, it encourages a stinking smell and supports diseases for everyone. Unfortunately, It is a common scenario that every homeowner experiences.

If you suspect clogged drains, you should immediately unblock drains Sittingbourne. There are several reasons to experience a clogged drain, Drainage Company Sittingbourne is there to unblock the drain before it becomes a severe issue. 

Let’s know more about the common reasons and basic ways to clear a clogged drain.

Most Common Causes For Clogged Drain And How To Fix It

  • Hair

One of the common problems of a blocked drain is a buildup of hair. After a hair washes, you can notice hairs in the bathroom and sink. Few hairs will is not the problem; it starts when these hairs get knotted and block the pipelines.

How To Prevent It: It’s easy to clean the small number of hairs collected in the removable filter with hand gloves before it worsens. Drain spiders can help to remove the hairs from the drain. These simple steps can save you from severe drain problems. If you cannot clean it, reach out to the drainage company Sittingbourne.

  • Plant Roots 

Trees, shrubs, roots, and leaves can lead to building debris in the drains. It can bring critical problems to pipes and drains. Sometimes it becomes hard to find the tree’s growth in the pipeline or drain and clog your drain. You need a professional plumber to unblock drains Sittingbourne. 

How To Prevent It: Keeping your lawn area clean from the fallen leaves is necessary, especially during the spring and autumn. If the dried leaves are left for a long time, it can cause debris in the drains. Moreover, given ample water to the trees to control the root’s growth to the drain in search of water. Willow, Oak, Palm, Gum, and Boxwood trees clog drains. But the real problem happens when a tree develops under the surface. It can crack the pipelines and clog the drains, only specialist drainage company Sittingbourne can clear the blockage.

  • Grease Buildup

Grease and fat are other problems one can find in the kitchen. Washing your utensil in the shrink collects fatty substances in the pipes. Eventually, this fat solid becomes tough to remove with liquid soap or hot water. Grease is very stubborn to leave your sink and pipelines. 

How To Prevent It: Make sure to collect the leftover food and throw it in the garbage bag before washing them in the sink. If the utensils are greasy, put a lot of water and liquid soap in the sink and the pipe after you wash them.

In case of serious blocked kitchen pipe, to unblock drains Sittingbourne calls the licensed plumbers. 


“Prevention is better than cure,” so it’s better to take necessary steps before you face clogged drains. It will take time, effort, and money to unblock drains Sittingbourne. These simple tips will relieve you from severe drain problems. But if you can’t fix the clogged drain, it is always better to call the drainage company Sittingbourne.

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