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How Your Future Can Determine Your Next Home

If you plan on moving soon, you may be in a hurry to find something that has been your dream for a long time. While it is always nice to see our dreams come to reality, you need to be patient and really think over the things you want and the things you need. Specifically, if you want to keep this new home for a very long time, your future goals and endeavors need to be a benefactor in choosing the place you settle in.


Even if you are young and just starting out, if you hope to have a family one day, you need to consider finding a more spacious home. You do not want to get a one-bedroom apartment if kids are in the cards. That area can become too cramped, and you will be forced to find a new place sooner than expected.

A growing family also means finding the right neighborhood. You may want to tour the area to see how safe it is. Ask yourself whether or not you would feel secure letting your children walk around. Learn about the nearby schools, too. How close are they to you? What is education like there? These can make or break the housing choice you make.


On the other end of the scale, think about your own age and lifestyle. Are you retiring soon and living alone? Maybe you need a place easier to handle. This could mean something small, like a one-story home or an apartment. How much are you able to handle on your own? As we age, we can’t always know how our bodies will change or what types of assistance we need will be. That is why many older individuals choose a simplistic home.


Just like apartments, not every neighborhood is pet-friendly. Just like when you are thinking about children, you want to ensure that the neighborhood you live in is safe for your pets. If you have a dog, maybe you even want to consider moving near a park so that you can take them on walks.

The interior of your home may also be influenced by pets. It might not be wise to choose a home that has white furniture and carpeting if you have pets that are messy or shed. While you can always change these implements, that can take time and be costly. It might be easier to find something that works right for you without change.

Get Help From a Realtor

Thankfully, you can get help determining these factors. Karla Murtaugh Homes’ team can be your guide if you need a realtor in Ridgefield, CT. Named one of the top realtors in Fairfield County, we strive to make sure you get the best choice in homes every time. We will sit down with you to hear about your different goals for the present and for the future. From there, we will help narrow the housing pool so you can meet that criterion.

Sometimes our futures are not what we expect them to be, but we can always make an outline to help make different considerations simpler. This includes buying a new home. Don’t hesitate to give Karla Murtaugh Homes a call.

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