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How a Waste Disposal in Your Kitchen Can Contribute to Clogged Drains

Trash disposal is now available in a great deal of modern kitchens, which can be found in a range of buildings ranging from apartments to farmhouses. However, the immense amount of food dumped down the sink as an outcome of this may quickly end up in an obstruction or a blockage, transforming your kitchen from something out of a Food Network dream into something comparable to what you might see on the Discovery Channel.

When it comes to eliminating stubborn clogs and blockages, the drain cleaning professionals at Plumb Perfect Plumbing are always willing to lend a hand and offer advice and support. This article is an illustration of how an otherwise valuable kitchen device may cause a problem if you aren’t careful and how Plumb Perfect Plumbing may help pull you out of a jam.

The Blade’s Construction

Garbage disposals chop food into little bits, stopping it from creating a blockage in the pipes and letting it be washed down into the sink. It all depends on how frequently you use these blades, but they will ultimately accumulate muck. When the muck becomes thick enough, it will fall off the blades and travel down the drain, where it will become trapped in the pipes and produce a clog.

A garbage disposal cleaner or a mix of baking soda and vinegar will address the problem in most circumstances. Sometimes, the problem is more complicated than that, and you will need to contact the pros at Plumb Perfect Plumbing because the pipes may be too blocked for somebody who is not a trained professional to clear.

Excessive Utilization

Even while garbage disposal is a very useful device for the active cook, it is possible to burn it out if you use it too hastily. This will overheat the device and render it unworkable. In certain situations, this may cause it to shatter beyond the point of just allowing it to cool down, but irrespective of the conditions, the food that is currently in the passageway will be trapped there with nowhere to go. If this is allowed to persist, bacteria and mold will start to grow, eventually leading to a blockage.

As a result, fragrances may begin to pervade your kitchen, and you might find yourself confronted by pests such as fruit flies and other tiny insects drawn to wet foods by the smells they emit. In this situation, the most effective course of action is to drain out as much of the food that has become stuck in that side of the sink as possible.

If there is food trapped down in the drain, contact Plumb Perfect Plumbing for expert drain cleaning services in Fredericksburg, VA. Depending on the size of your clog, they may simply use a drain snake to clear it, or more extensive blockages may necessitate the use of high-pressured water utilizing a procedure known as hydrojetting. Whatever the case may be, every drain cleaning from them ensures a pleasant odor!

You May Get Help at Any Time

When a broken disposal initially appears, the indications are usually straightforward to recognize. Don’t ignore the problem if you turn on the switch and hear weird noises or no sound at all. To get your life back on track, contact Plumb Perfect Plumbing immediately. Because crises do not usually arise during office hours, they provide solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Many homeowners have become accustomed to the pleasure of having a trash disposal in their homes as their homes have been brought into the twenty-first century and their kitchens have been remodeled. Unfortunately, this brings with it new challenges that must be faced.

Fortunately, with the help of Plumb Perfect Plumbing, bothersome situations like clogs, obstructions, and dirty drains may be repaired quickly, competently, and without entirely draining your pocket. Given that they are a “Neighborhood Favorite,” it is clear that their track record is well achieved and that the aid is going to offer you and your plumbing much-deserved relief.

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