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How to Dispose of Your Old Furnace System

Our heating and cooling requirements change over time, so it’s critical to have a dependable furnace system. But what are you going to do with the old furnace? When your furnace has reached its limit, and it is time to dispose of it, you should do so appropriately. Premier Systems will discuss many alternatives for what to do when it comes to heating services in the Greater Victoria region.

The Multiple Ways to Repurpose Your Furnace

Donate or Sell

If your heater is still functioning but outdated, it could be possible to sell it or donate it to someone who would truly benefit from a new heating system. Your old furnace would be joyfully accepted by a variety of charities and charitable organizations, and your donation would benefit individuals who cannot afford a new furnace. If there is nowhere to donate it or you need additional funds for your new heater, you may sell it on famous social media platforms. Just make sure the equipment is in good shape before giving or selling it to avoid difficulties and costly repairs for others.


If your furnace is nearing the end of its useful life, but you still want to assist the environment, consider recycling it. Find out if your local recycling center or HVAC supplier accepts furnaces for recycling. The bulk of the furnace’s components, including the metals, are easily recyclable and may be reused, reducing the environmental effect. This is a fantastic solution that many individuals employ.

Donate to Your HVAC Company For Spare Parts

Another use for your old furnace is as a source of spare components. Several pieces of your furnace, such as recyclable metals, may be repurposed to manufacture new items. Your HVAC contractor or technician may be able to reuse some of your old furnace’s parts while fixing other furnaces, saving them money and reducing waste. It doesn’t hurt to contact and check if that is a possibility for you.

Dispose of It Properly

If none of the above suggestions work for you and you are obliged to dispose of your old furnace, please follow the proper procedures. Contact your local waste management company to discover how to properly dispose of furnaces. When disposing of the furnace, ensure that it is well-wrapped and does not leak any gas or other hazardous elements. This will safeguard our environment.

Sasquatch Home Services Can Help You Repair Your Furnace

When the time comes to replace your old furnace and install a new one, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With these fantastic alternatives, you may properly dispose of the unit while protecting the environment, assisting someone in need, or making it simpler for you to afford your new efficient furnace. If you need a new furnace or furnace repair in the Greater Victoria region, then Sasquatch Home Services is the place to go! We have years of expertise dealing with furnaces, and our team is ready to assist you.

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