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How Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Can Make a Difference in Your System

Most people would never consider having their drains cleaned, as it’s standard to wait until something breaks down before doing anything about it.

Your drains are part of a vital system within your home, and it’s always best to invest in preventative maintenance rather than fixing a significant issue. Before you need emergency plumbing & HVAC in Philadelphia, PA, you should consider drain cleaning.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Drains

At Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we get calls daily from panicked customers with severe drainage issues. We know you want to maintain your plumbing system and ensure it’s healthy, so it means utilizing cleaning services. If you’ve never considered drain cleaning, here are some reasons why it’s so important.

1. Prevents Foul Odors

Over time, debris will accumulate in your drains. Rotting food and other particles cause nasty smells. Stagnant water lingers in pipes and mixes with the buildup, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Having a plumbing and HVAC contractor in Bensalem, PA, clean out the drains and buildup can prevent this from happening.

2. Stops Clogs

Considering everything that goes down your drains, it’s easy to see why they clog. Things like hair, soap scum, grease, and other substances can collect and sit in the drains. These substances can harden over time and cause a clog to form.

When the water doesn’t flow smoothly, a backup occurs. A backup can cause damage to the pipes and drains and require expert intervention from a residential or commercial plumbing contractor in Bensalem, PA.

3. Extend the Lifespan of Plumbing Systems

At Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we know that even plumbing systems have an expiration date. If you’ve ever purchased an old house with lead pipes, you know that it can be costly to replace them. When you have regular drain cleaning, you can extend the longevity of your system.

4. Reduce Expensive Repairs

Some repairs on a plumbing system can be costly, especially if they involve the mains or the sewage lines. However, by having trusted plumbing, heating, and AC in Philadelphia, PA, handle routine drain cleaning, you can prevent expensive repairs down the line. While time and chance can happen to anyone, it’s always better to be proactive and increase your chances of an issue-free system.

5. Improve Water Quality

Did you know that clean drains contribute to better water quality? All the accumulated debris and contaminants in your drains will eventually affect the quality of water flowing through your plumbing system. If you notice that your water is slimy, cloudy, rust-colored, and leaves sediment behind, the quality of your system is in jeopardy.


As a plumbing professional, we recommend performing preventive maintenance on your drains periodically. You can do additional things to help, such as using drain guards, avoiding the disposal of grease and large food particles, and using drain-cleaning solutions when needed. If you are experiencing drain issues, it’s advisable to contact Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing for assistance.

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