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When to Call a Plumbing Contractor

Fixing plumbing problems may seem easy, but DIY is never the answer to rectifying all the issues you may have with your system. In several instances, individuals have exacerbated problems that would quickly have been resolved by a trained and experienced plumber into fully blown issues that are pretty expensive. While you may not be an expert in plumbing, there are critical signs that should alert you of the need to call a plumbing contractor to come and look at your system. Here are some of the signs you should pay attention to.

Signs That You Need to Call a Plumbing Contractor

Slow Draining Sink

A partial clog may cause your sink or tub to drain water much slower than it should under normal circumstances. While using substances such as the liquid drain cleaner may be possible, its long-term use may damage the pipes. It is wise to call a plumber if a plunger does not clear the clog.

Busted or Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes not only cost you more on water bills but could potentially lead to expensive repairs in case they burst. It is better to call a plumber when you notice such leaks. Using a joint filler or a fitting compound on the pipe will only solve the problem temporarily, and calling the plumbing contractor will help prevent the issue from getting severe.

Damp Basement

A damp basement may not necessarily be the result of rains or floods. It could signify leaky pipes in your system. The pipe leaks in the basement may damage property or jeopardize your family’s health through respiratory problems from air contamination and mold growth. Contracting the services of a contractor can help you resolve the issue professionally.

Lack of Sufficient Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the entire house may signify a problem with your water supply system. This problem is common when a pipe leaks, breaks, or your waterline is eroded. You may need to contact the plumbers immediately if you experience this problem, as it could damage your home severely.

Ever Running Toilet

A standard toilet stops water flow a few seconds after flushing it. If your toilet continuously runs, it may need help with the seal connecting the tank to the bowl. This may cause expensive water bills as the tank is constantly filling without stopping. Calling a plumber will help you resolve the issue.

Water Backflow

A functional water drainage is unidirectional as it helps direct water into the drains. When you experience water backflow, you may need to call the plumber as it may signify a blockage in the water drainage system or a drop in your home’s water pressure. This problem could be worse if the backflow water is sewer water, as it will cause a terrible smell in your home.


Early detection of sewer or drain problems is important as it enables you to handle them before they worsen. It will also help you save finances that would otherwise be used for expensive purchases and extended repairs. Drainiacs Sewer & Drain is a residential and commercial company with licensed technicians offering rooter services in Whittier with expert plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services.

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