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Make Your House Rat-Free With These Simple Steps

We live in an ecosystem where various species coexist. Other living beings are also part of our lives. Some make our life simple, whereas some increase our discomfort. Rats and other pests are those species that make our life difficult as hell. A small mistake of keeping rat entry points unseen can cost you more.

First, those little creatures will enter your house and litter everywhere. Besides this, your house will smell awful. Their presence has proved to be a massive nightmare for most people. If rats entering your home are your nightmare, too, then primarily determine the most common rat entry points. And if you find that the drainage system is their common entry point, then how to stop rats climbing drain pipes is your next concern.

Some Of The Common Rat Entry Points Are As Follows:

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Gaps between the vents in the ceiling
  • Chimney in the kitchen
  • Holes in the roof
  • Gaps around the window

Besides this, the drainage pipe is one of the most common rat entry points. Rats have a habit of living in dark and mushy places, and our drainage system is one of the best examples of such a place. Even if they get a single chance to enter the drainage pipe, they will happily enter your home and dwell with their families inside the pipe. At times they can also cause drainage blockage. One of the best ways to keep rats at bay from your home is to keep your surroundings clean and your drainage system up to date.

How Will You Know If A Rat Has Entered Your Drain Pipe?

Before experimenting on how to stop rats climbing drain pipes, know about the signs that your drain pipe has become one of the rat entry points.

So if a rat has entered your house through a drainpipe

  1. you will experience a foul smell in your bathroom
  2. you will see new holes in the walls of your bathroom every day
  3. someone chews plastic things and toilet papers
  4. you can see litters of rats everywhere in the surrounding
  5. you hear scratching noises frequently

If you experience any of these signs, rats have entered your home. Act immediately and research how to stop rats climbing drain pipes.

Following Are Some Simple Tips To Stop Rats Climbing Drain Pipes

Once you know that rats have already entered your drainage system, do the following immediately before you need professional help:

  • Flush And Flush:  If you feel that the tiny monster has entered your drainage system and is entering your bathroom through the toilet bowl, flush immediately. To make it more effective, pour some bleach into the toilet bowl and then flush.
  • Repair Your Drainage:  Even a little damage to your drainage pipe is an open invitation to rats. As you already know, the drain is one of the popular rat entry points. Hence, instead of wondering how to stop rats climbing drain pipes, call the professional and seal the drain pipe immediately.
  • Install Rat Guards And Rat Cages:  This is the primary step you should use to catch the rat that has entered your house from the drain pipe. Also, install a rat guard in the drain pipe so they won’t be able to climb the pipe.

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