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The Benefits of Installing a Bidet

One of the most routine activities you will take on daily without a hitch is using the bathroom. It is a natural part of life that cannot be put off or ignored. In the United States, having a standard toilet that will require you to use toilet paper afterward is commonplace. However, Europeans have a different approach.

Their toilets typically come with bidets, spraying water when someone sits or straddles it. This allows for your bottom and nether regions to be cleaned fast. Though once seen as a novel idea in the US, more and more homeowners are looking into the choice for themselves.

But are bidets worth it? As you read, you will be able to find all of the great perks this invention offers. Once you are through, you are bound to say goodbye to toilet paper and install call Swan Toilets for a toilet bidet you will love.

Less Clogging

One of the most annoying things that we deal with regarding our toilets is how easily they can become clogged. Their drain is only about two inches in diameter, which means bigger wads of toilet paper or waste are bound to get wedged, and you will need to get a plunger immediately.

Because bidets eliminate the need for excessive toilet paper, you will be less susceptible to this problem whenever you flush. You will need a few squares to finish cleaning anything that the bidet’s air dryer does not handle.


Even though plenty of toilet paper brands out there claim to be soft, they can still cause some irritation for people. The tissue is dry, and constant use can make your skin feel raw. Even worse, using toilet paper can feel almost impossible if you already have an issue such as hemorrhoids or an anal fissure.

The water sprayed by bidets can be soothing for these issues, especially as many allow you to control the pressure level. Swan Toilets’ bidet even has a heated seat to make the whole experience easier to deal with.

Better Results

Cleanup is the most important part of a bathroom trip because remaining pathogens or bacteria can lead to many problems. When wiping with toilet paper, you are bound to spread bacteria rather than remove it from your private parts. The water in the bidet hits the exact spots that need to be cleaned, which makes for more thorough results.

Water can also make going to the bathroom easier during menstruation, as it can clean blood more effectively than toilet paper can. This is important because if blood remains, it could lead to UTIs or other infections.

Save Money

The cost of living is constantly rising, and it can cause us a lot of grief. Whether it be our bills or products we buy at the store, there is always a spike that is hard to budget. Our toilets can be a big cause for spending without us even realizing it. Most standard toilets can use about seven gallons of water with every flush, which leads to high water bills.

With a bidet, like the one from Swan Toilets, you can save on how much water you use. This is because the toilet you have installed is newer and made to be water-efficient and can use as little as 1.5 gallons per flush. Ot only that, but you will be saving hundreds of dollars every year on toilet paper, too.

Swan Toilets’ Bidet Is Changing the Game

A bidet is a life changer, and many homeowners report never wanting to go back to their old toilets or bathroom routines after installing one. While there are many options out there, they offer different innovative technology found at Swan Toilets. They want to make a boring trip to the bathroom, something that will impress you and your guests.

The whole operation of the Swan S Pro is hands-free, so you never have to worry about having to get your hands too dirty. From the spraying water of the bidet to the automatic shutting seat, you will feel like royalty when in the bathroom. The toilet even cleans itself, allowing you to take one of the more daunting chores off of your list. All you have to do is use the remote control.

A bidet has been seen as the standard choice in many other countries and is finally coming to the US. Why not make that transition into something even more intriguing? Consider Swan Toilets when you want to go in both comfort and style.

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