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The Destiny was written by God Himself For Nan Chul Shin 


As a result, Nan Inc Construction has grown to be one of the largest building contractors in Hawaii. Nan Inc.’s owner is Patrick Shin. Besides working as a general contractor, Patrick Shin also enjoys volunteering in his community. He wouldn’t have been able to build such a successful construction company without the assistance of the local community. As the owner, he is unable to express his gratitude to his staff sufficiently for all they have done for him throughout the years.

In the year 1990, Nan Inc. was a modestly sized local building contractor. In the present day, it’s one of the largest corporations, obtaining significant annual government contracts. However, how did he rise to such a high level? Certainly, the road was not an easy one.

Patrick Shin is the owner of one of Hawaii’s largest construction businesses, and this essay will explain how he got there.

Patrick Shin’s Beginning and Everything That Came After

To go from being an ordinary citizen to one of Hawaii’s most well-known public figures was no small feat for him. When Patrick Shin was born in South Korea, he was given the name Nan Chul Shin. He legally changed his name to Patrick Shin after moving to the United States. He chose that name because he felt it was more in keeping with the American way of life. To make way for all of his family’s arrival in the United States, he had no choice but sharing bed with his brothers and sisters in a small apartment with just one bed. To him, the United States had always seemed like the ideal place to live. Even though it took some time, his dream of moving in with his elder brother in New York to help him manage his fish firm finally came true.

However, fate had other ideas

For Patrick Shin, it appears that fate had other intentions. The Bowling Green State University scholarship for soccer allowed him pursue his business administration degree while he was still living in New York City.

This is a turning moment in the story. In order to attend to university without this, it is necessary. He relocated to Hawaii after college and worked for a construction firm there for nearly two years as a worker. After that, he decided to set out on his own, which indicates that he had a great deal of interest in constructing. As a sole proprietor in 1990, Nan Shin founded the construction firm Nan Inc. By the year 2010, he had 500 employees working for him, 20 years after he first started. The Nan Inc. period in Hawaii began with that.

As a new company, Nan Inc. won several multi-million dollar contracts during the year. The construction industry was a major player in the hospitality industry because of their work with hotel companies like Hilton. Nan Inc. has become one of Hawaii’s leading construction firms as a result of the confidence placed in it by the Hawaiian people and local businesses.

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