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Plant Swag Shop Revitalizes Homes with Happy, Healthy Houseplants


The simple act of adding some plants to your home can give your space new life. After all, plants offer both aesthetic and psychological benefits to a home. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, combining plants with other elements of your home décor is worthwhile.

Think about how refreshing it is to take a walk outdoors when you’re feeling low and creating your own indoor garden will start to make sense. Adding greenery to your home can help you appreciate that same calming effect 365 days a year – even during the winter.

What are the benefits of owning houseplants?

  • They make us happier

Take it from us – keeping houseplants makes you happier because they fulfill your biophilic desires. As biophilic beings, humans have an innate connection to nature. This is why we have an inexplicable craving to be around greenery, animals and even bodies of water like lakes. If you have a pet, you’re already fulfilling your biophilic needs to some extent. Adding plants to that equation would multiply the effects of the natural environment you’ve already built around you.

Taking care of houseplants is actually less involving than taking care of a pet, and yet they offer the same calming effects. Beyond simply calming you down, having plants around you keeps you happy. Getting even one plant can do wonders for your mental health.

  • They boost productivity

In addition to keeping us happy, plants boost productivity and concentration. This means that simply adding a plant or two to your workspace – whether it’s at home or in the office – can improve the quality of work you do. Add to that the fact that plants also boost creativity, and you can see how investing in plants for your workspace is a good idea. With just a few plants, both you and your boss will be happy.

  • They cleanse our environment

Plants also benefit those around them by purifying the air. More specifically, plants absorb toxins through their leaves and turn them into food sources in their roots. By absorbing these toxins, they leave us breathing in cleaner air, therefore keeping us healthier.

Houseplants do an especially good job at eliminating the following toxins:

  • Xylene – found in the paint, tobacco smoke, and nail polish
  • Ammonia – found in fertilizers and cleaning products
  • Formaldehyde – found in synthetic fabrics, wood products, serviettes, and tissues
  • Benzene – found in detergents, vehicle exhaust, lubricants, and adhesive
  • Trichloroethylene – found in household cleaners, varnishes, and paint


  • They speed up healing

Several scientific studies have shown that plants speed up healing and recovery when we’re sick. As a case in point, plants placed in hospital rooms and hospital rooms that overlook gardens result in patients recovering faster than they would have otherwise. In addition, workplaces that keep indoor plants or maintain a garden of some sort report fewer cases of sick employees.

How Plant Swag Shop can bring new life to your indoor space

Plant Swag Shop is an online houseplant shop that is home to the biggest variety of plants in one place. They deliver these plants straight from their greenhouses to your doorstep. With greenhouses in California and Florida, they have enough plants to serve clients in both the east and west coast. Thanks to their careful packaging, your plant arrives in great shape, healthy, and happy. This shop is on a mission is to plant more trees to help aid in reforestation and provide people with an opportunity to connect with nature.

Establishing an indoor garden with potted plants is relatively easy thanks to Plant Swag Shop. Since they have two greenhouses and an e-commerce platform, buying a houseplant from them isn’t complicated. If anything, it’s a lot easier than sourcing it from the big box store or the local garden near you.

The growers at Plant Swag Shop know that starting an indoor garden can be daunting for a new plant parent. To take the stress out of taking care of your plant, they’ve put together subscription boxes. If you buy a subscription box, your plant comes complete with a detailed list of care instructions and a bamboo plant stake wrapped with care monthly or quarterly.

To buy a plant or a variety from them, simply visit their official site. On this site, you’ll find a variety of indoor plants in various categories including:

  • Air Purifying Plants
  • New Arrivals
  • Pet Friendly
  • Succulent and Cacti
  • Houseplant Bundles
  • Easy Care
  • Best Sellers
  • Low-light plants
  • Air plants

There’s also a curated section of plants that would make perfect gifts This section includes:

  • Perfect plant gifts
  • Houseplant bundles
  • Plant subscription boxes

Under each category, you’ll find a variety of plants to choose from. You can simply tap on the options you like and add them to your shopping cart. When you’re done with shopping, you can check out and have your goods delivered.

The benefits of shopping at Plant Swag Shop

  • The whole process is convenient

When it comes to online shopping, convenience is the most obvious benefit. When you buy your plants from Plant Swag Shop, you don’t need to worry about the time you spend getting to the store or the cost of fuel that you’ve consumed to get yourself there, or the dirt spilled in the trunk of the car.

We’ve not even gotten to how exhausting physical shopping can get. The whole experience gets even more frustrating if you’re shopping for a rare plant. You can easily waste hours of your day hunting for a particular plant.

At Plant Swag Shop, you can sift through the wide selection of plants from the comfort of your couch. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can simply place your order and complete your payment in just a few clicks. The growers at Plant Swag Shop will then put your order together in the greenhouse and deliver your plants right to your doorstep.

  • You can be more informed

While visiting the local garden offers hands-on experience, it leaves you susceptible to the salesperson’s false claims. Let’s face it, when will you have time to research before buying the plant you’ve chosen? But when you buy online, you have time to research on particular plants before buying them. As such, you can choose the right plants you need without dealing with external pressure.

Moreover, when you buy a subscription box from Plant Swag Shop, they make sure that you know everything you need to know about taking care of that particular plant. These detailed care instructions include light requirements, water requirements and tips for repotting and fertilization.

  • They offer a wide variety

Variety is one thing you won’t find in short supply at Plant Swag Shop. Visiting this e-commerce site allows you to access a wider variety of plants that you wouldn’t find at your local nursery or plant store.  Beyond that, you will discover more plants that you didn’t know about. Furthermore, you can get both baby plants and mature plants for your home garden including cutting for propagation, succulents, planters and more.

  • They offer healthy plants

Many people are afraid of online shopping because you can’t physically examine the quality of the product you’re buying. At Plant Swag Shop, you don’t need to worry about this. This store has earned a reputation for selling healthy and happy plants. When you shop from this store, you can be confident that your plants will be pest-free and in the best condition possible. In fact, the company backs this up with a 30-Day Guarantee, giving you the confidence to shop plants online.

Brighten up your space today

Plant Swag Shop has taken the hassle out of building a home garden so that you can easily purchase houseplants. They offer a variety of options to ensure that you get what you need for the space you need it for.

Have limited light in the office? They have a low-light collection to serve you. Additionally, if you’re shopping for the perfect plant gift, they’ve got you covered.

Have a pet at home? They have a pet-friendly collection to keep your furry friends safe.

If you’re a plant lover and you want to spruce up your space, you can shop for your next plant on the Plant Swag Shop website. You can also follow Plant Swag Shop on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, giveaway and new plant arrivals.


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